Happy Camp High Survival Guide


by Judy Bushy
Recently a play was presented at Happy Camp High School by the Drama Class. The name of the play was Happy Camp High Survival Guide. IMG_0383A young group of “soon to be freshmen” stress over the first day of high school the night before. However, the encounter a mysterious editor (Estalita “Ella” Galindo) and author (Anne Rants) who appears to guide them through the do’s and don’ts of high school including fights, bullies, dating and more. Damian Valenzuela plays the gym teacher who does a wonderful job of intimidating Victor, a student played by Jordan McCartney. Estalita Galindo also plays a teacher and a French Student with Adriana Oliver-Hickey. Silas Yamamoto plays Trent Bailey, founder and owner of the Trent Club untill outsmarted by Noelle, played by Madison Offield. Royale Pinassi plays Cindy, Allison Head plays Jillian, Kaylee McIntrye plays Wendy and Brett Burcell plays Biff.

Denise Bearding directed the lighting and was the play director. The Happy Camp High School Survival Guide was witter and performed by the HCHS Drama Association. The Assistant director, Carissa Bussard is the new Drama and English Teacher this year. Carissa has been a great blessing! Her Karuk heritage helps her relate to some of out students, but she is a friendly guide to all her students. Her strength is shown when she had an accident on the way to school one frosty morning and ended up in the Klamath River! She was able to get out of the car and a helpful passerby gave her refuge to warm up and brought her to school. It might have been logical for someone else to just go home for the day, but Carissa stayed until later in the day when convinced to check out bumps and bruises at the Clinic. She was Recently honored wih a staff appreciation award. t16Carissa BussardAtaffAward

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