Heatwave; shouldn’t deter your attending Civic Meetings!

by Judy E. bushy
Last week’s over 100 temperatures “threw us for a loop.” Wasn’t sure what that old phrase means. So looked it up and found it was a term referring to the sport of boxing, to throw (someone) for a loop definition is to cause (someone) to be very amazed, confused.

It complicated travel to five medical appointments in six days, and needing more water for keeping hydrated, Surprisingly, it was hotter at home in the evening (108 degrees) than we had noticed for our Redding VA Clinic appointment during the day on Tuesday.

It made us want to stay home and “live” down by the creek” where we could cool our toes in the cool water all the time! It also made us very grateful for air conditioning in our car!!

The ride to and from appointments was beautiful! The River trees are still a vibrant green and the cool river inviting. The deer were out in greater numbers than usual, we saw 10 on the road, and missed 9.
One managed to kick a little crack in the front bumper, but Ron & Roberta Lantow can fix that up. Even got a washed car at physical therapy, much appreciation to that cool wash off

We are so very blessed living along the Klamath River! The drive requires extreme vigilance due to wildlife and other driver’s. It’s not pleasant to come around a corner and see a vehicle on your side of the road and nowhere else to go!
There was an unusually lot of traffic that evening. Other’s who had traveled earlier mentioned how many times large trucks came racing around corners on the wrong side of the road. Gratefully, we didn’t have that fright and arrived home safely after dark.

I’ve been keeping some roses that survived the Slater Fire for a friend. They’re beginning to bloom and those first couple of roses, pink and red, were such a joy! So is all the green coming up all around against the charred black burned areas!

The Happy Camp Neighborhood Watch meets second Monday of the month at the Partner’s Deli at 5:30. This meeting is an important update on the crime prevention efforts of our community. Surely, our community is eager to keep all of our neighbors safe from all sorts of crime.
We appreciate Deputy Gabe Garrison and the Karuk Housing Authority Security officer Randy White who update us on prevention.. Dan Effman provides a place for meeting and Robin serves as secretary/treasurer for which we are very grateful.. ?
This will also be Flag Day, for you who have flags to fly. Former President Trump’s birthday will bring him to 75 years old on the same day.

Have you volunteered?

The Happy Camp Community Services District will meet on Wednesday at the Happy Camp Community Center 34 Park Avenue. Besides providing our community with water. the also provide street lights and our parks for recreation!!

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