Making Summer Memories – 28 Days to School

Happy Campers stroll to the River for a Boat Ride

Happy Campers stroll to the River for a Boat Ride

by Judy Bushy,July29, 2015
Is it possible? Only 27 more days, less than four weeks, and Happy Camp High School students will be back to school. It will be great to see them all again and get into the grove of “hitting the books!” Their younger counterparts in Kindergarten through eighth grade will have a couple extra days until August 26th. They are the ones that show up with new dud’s and shining faces for the first day of school.

Enjoy your summer! Make a lot of memories, swimming in the creek or at the eddy! Hike into the Marble Mountain Wilderness, or Red Buttes, or Siskiyou Wilderness, or just down to the park. If it gets hot, go rafting and splash a lot of water! Get out the bike and go up Elk Creek for a ride!

Siskiyou Golden Fair is coming in only about 15 days, August 12-16th. Seiad Day will be August 29th/ Enjoy the summer and opportunity to be active in the sun! There will be a day in about six months, Lord wiling, when it will be bitterly cold and rainy, or hopefully snowing, and these pleasant summer days will seem like a dream.

While there is more free time, plan to go to the Neighborhood Watch meeting Monday. The Community Emergency Resource Team meets at the same time. There has been concern on Facebook about the reports that we are about a hundred years “overdue” for a big earthquake in the West Coast. That makes me grateful not to be living in Seattle, Portland or San Francisco! But it did say that if the big 9.? Quake comes, everything west of I-5 would be toast…not literally of course!

Block diagram of southwest B.C. showing the Juan de Fuca plate descending beneath North America along a subduction zone.

Block diagram of southwest B.C. showing the Juan de Fuca plate descending beneath North America along a subduction zone.

Happy Campers handle electric outages, flood and wildfire with capability that you wouldn’t imagine. But it is a reminder that having water and some basic food and camping gear is a great benefit to get along relatively comfortably in an emergency. See how you could help your neighbors and be prepared yourself if calamity comes! At the same time, show your support to those working to make our community safer and more crime free when they meet the first Monday of each month.

On the first Tuesday evenings each month, Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce has met for nearly thirty years. Since there will be a Happy Camp Coordinating Council Meeting on August 4th, we adjust our schedule to be able to do both! The Coordinating Council puts on the Bigfoot Jamboree (September 4-6th this year.) Be sure to sign up early for the Bigfoot 5K Dash. The Dash early registration is only $10 and the shirt is $15 so get a check for $25 off to the Coordinating Council at P. O. Box 237, Happy Camp CA 96039 (At the event, the same will be $30.) It is just fabulous to hear that Baby Cal is home from his leukemia treatment at UC Davis but he still has more to come, and the proceeds from the Bigfoot 5KDash will help show his family the support that they need at this tough time.

Some days I wish that the newspaper was capable of skypeing, like the computer where you can see the person that you are talking to!! It is so great when I hear from readers! Some times it is with a suggestion to improve, or the proper spelling of a name, and I really appreciate that since I don’t want to perpetuate errors!! (Which reminds me, Abigail Yeager’s name was misspelled last week when I told you that she is the person to contact about the Bigfoot Jamboree plans! I do apologize Abby!!) Sometimes you express your appreciation for the news coming to you, and it reminds us that despite all the dour reports of doom and gloom for the news publishing industry, people still like to know what is going on in the world!! Nearly every week for almost twenty five years, I’ve sat down to write a “letter” to my Happy Camp and Klamath friends, as well as a few further afield way out in Yreka and a few beyond that. Thanks all who share the news!!

“If with pleasure you are viewing, any work a man is doing, if you like him or you love him, tell him now!” Space is gone, have to chat more next week. Thanks to each and every one of you.

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