New Sign WELCOMES Oregon Visitors!

Welcome to our friendly little town!

One of our artists, Cheryl Wainwright, has crafted a unique welcome sign to Happy Camp. At the corner of Davis Road and Indian Creek Road, across from Parry’s Market, is a bright red and white painted antique truck with a sign, “Happy Camp, Welcome!”

Cheryl and her daughter completed the erection of the sign this week. At other attempts, part of the sign broke but now repairs have been made and we hope this will make folks coming from Oregon feel our sincere Happy Camp Welcome!

This sign is just two blocks from where Cheryl’s previous big project, the Bigfoot Sculpture, rises at the intersection of Davis Road and Hwy 96 in front of the Siskiyou Klamath At Center. With Ralph Starritt, a well known Siskiyou County artist, and with community help gathering materials, the Bigfoot was assembled. Many visitors to our community like to have their photos taken with our Bigfoot!

Dennis Day’s Dreamcatcher, “The World’s Largest Dreamcatcher” of it’s kind is also located on the two block stretch of Davis Road, making it the artistic center of this small town.


  • Leave it to Cheryl to use her artistic ability to do good things for this great little community! Thank you Cheyrl!
    Miss you all and hope all is going well for all my dear friends up there in God’s Country!

  • What a cute sign for such a cute little town. They did a great job.

  • Robyn Eadie

    Thank you Cheryl for making people feel welcome to Happy Camp. You and your daughter did such a great job!

  • Sandra

    What an awesome sign.

  • Elaine Miller

    Hi Cheryl, cute idea, very original..I am from mason city Iowa, Ihave an uncle that lives in Happy Camp, hes close to eighty. I wonder if you might know him, His name is Jim Erickson,origanally from Mason city, we havnt heard from him in years and i worry about him. Any information you could find would be much appreciated.Thankyou very you are very talented..Elaine.

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