Our New District Ranger joins the community

Judy Bushy
Have you met out new Happy Camp/Oak Knoll District Ranger yet? I really am happy to have Jeremy Sullens and his lovely wife, Julia, and family join our community.

It is great to see Jeremy and Julia becoming active members of our community at gatherings in Happy Camp. While young son, Wyatt is a bit shy yet, his daughter enjoys friends at the Happy Camp Head Start. Jeremy came before Christmas, but things have been busy since then, and Jeremy has been busy being sued and other typical Forest Ranger work for this area of the Klamath National Forest. Julia also studied at Oregon State University and was Former Southern Regional Operations Chief at Idaho Department of Lands.

Jeremy was raised in Prairie City, Oregon, which is a rural area of Eastern Oregon. It was there as a young man he graduated high school and began working seasonally for the Oregon Department of Forestry. His bachelor’s degree is in Forest Management. After he graduated he was Assistant Unit Forester for Pendleton Unit and then stewardship forester, both in Eastern Oregon.After this, he moved to the USDA Forest Service in Boise at the National Inter-agency Fire Center as Fire Analyst for Predictive Services working to identify critical fire danger situations. He also assisted federal, state and local fire managers, in distributing limited resources around the country where they could be most effective, before coming to Happy Camp as our District Ranger.

Jeremy sums it up, “We enjoy being in the outdoors and are excited to be back in the small town environment that Happy Camp provides.”

Welcome to the Sullens family to the lovely wild Klamath River community!!

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