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Happy Camp is clear and it is a beautiful day. This summer has been a very smokey one and we really appreciate the blue sky above. Our appreciation for the firefighters, and sorrow at the loss of so many brave firefighters this season has been deeply felt. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of these firefighters.

The Panther fire still burns fifteen miles south of Happy Camp and as of today has consumed 21,018 acres. It was started by lightening. Yesterday crews made good progress on establishing fire line in the Bishop Creek area on the north east portion of the fire. Mop-up and monitoring continued on the south boundary of the fire. Last night crews patrolled and held existing line and continued to mop up on the south and south west perimeter while watching for rolling debris on Highway 96. The fire continues to burn slowly into the Marble Mountain Wilderness where it is expected to die out due to existing, natural barriers and sparse vegetation. Efforts to steer the Panther fire into the areas consumed by the King Creek (2007) and Titus (2006 & 2007) fires helped stop the spread of the Panther Fire to the north and east.

Command of the Panther Fire was transferred to Rich Harvey’s Great Basin Type 2 Team this morning. Today work will be focused on improving the line established to contain fire in the Bishop Creek area and to continue mop up there and on the south and south west perimeter.

Bigfoot Jamboree is just around the corner, August 29-31st this year. There will be balloons and clowns and lots of fun for everyone!! Raingutter Regatta for Cub Scout sailboats before Friday’s Coronation of the Queens and the youth dance!!

Update on the children’s page: Scouting Campout Full of Surprises!

Update on the Community Page:12th Annual Karuk Reunion

Thank you to our faithful readership for your patience during technical difficulties which prevented getting news of the Happy Camp Community in a timely manner as we wished. It is a beautiful day along the wild Klamath River and we celebrate summer!


  • Bob Croall

    Having lived in Happy Camp, having our oldest daughter born there also, it will be great to be at BF days again this year along with my parents Milt and Phil from Minden, Nv. and my youngest daughter Alina who will be flying in from Tokyo, Japan.The second reason we are coming to town is to celebrate with Honey Whitehouse the 60th birthday of her son Butch Whitehouse, my closest friend. See you all there at BF days. Bob ,Alina, Milt and Phil.

  • just left Happy Camp after spending a few days there. Such beautiful country and people are so very nice, hated to come back to the concrete jungle here in Sacto!
    coming back for BF days! can’t wait to see our friends as well

  • Jill Milas

    Thanks for keeping updated with latest activities in Happy Camp. We visit yearly around Aug/Sept. and like to know of any new happenings around that time of the year.