Rebuilding the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce

Cat manned the Suggeestion Box!

Dinah Sulipeck celebrated her 66th birthday at the Grange Friday with the help of many old and new Chamber members, friends and neighbors along the Klamath River. What fun it was to share a spaghetti dinner made by Robbie Collum. Thank you, Robbie for your considerable time and effort. After some had seconds, it was time to sing Happy Birthday to Dinah and tackle that giant chocolate cake. Even got some sample music thrown in by Lou Sr.

Dinah had some words to share as president. I haven’t known Dinah long, but really appreciate her encouraging good will. It was fun to celebrate her birthday, too. She reminded the Chamber of the Mission Statement, The Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce’s mission is “to promote and encourage business, commerce and quality of life for the citizens of Happy Camp and the Highway 96, Klamath River Corridor.” Businesses all along 96 are welcome.

board serves spaghetti dinner

Chamber Board Members served Spaghetti Dinner for January.

Locating and restoring the Heart of Klamath banner that blew down was discussed. Following Dinah’s report, James Buchner gave a complete Treasurer’s Report. Good news is there is a credit on the telephone bill. Sad news is the Chamber is broke, but memberships are coming in to remedy that problem.

Secretary Cathleen Searle told of how she had come up with a membership list from a brochure and website and asked help in clarifying situations. Anyone wishing to work together in “Community Unity” toward the above mission statement is welcome. The Chamber returned dues to $50 and including 2 additional months if you sign up now. The Chamber telephone was changed to voice mail answered by the president and secretary. Terry Winslow has also offered to answer the phone.

Pete Winslow asked how many had gotten e-mails about the meeting and what we can do to get messages to others who may also have an interest in the mission of the Chamber. Pete offered to send a monthly newsletter. First was sent January 3rd but some couldn’t open it. Pete will send it in the body of a message ”but it won’t look so fancy!” To be notified, send him your e-mail,

The Advertising Committee Report was given by James on the map and directory in the works for several months. Ads on the map will be available on a first come first served basis, but there will be a list of all members also. This membership brochure will be completed in March for April printing. The Board asked the gathering for input in dealing with the missing website. Dinah renewed the name with Go-daddy but who is the host? Restoring it hasn’t been accomplished yet. The members were very concerned about it. Lou Tiraterra, Sr advised to set aside previous mismanagement and proceed, so Treasurer will arrange for a new site with a company Kirk Eadie recommended.

To think that it all started when Cathleen was guest speaker in November on “community unity!” Several expressed the desire to forget the past, rebuilding trust and going forth with the new Chamber of Commerce to serve the members and our community on the wild Klamath River. Next meeting was set for February 1st at Elk Creek Campground and then all pitched in with cleanup and putting up chairs together. That Chamber can really work together and accomplish a lot quickly!

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