Robin Eggers helped our community to Honor Our Veterans

Appreciating Veterans for their Service!

Patricia & Glenn Briggs served at Veterans Dinner by Dan Effman, Nadine McElyea and Doreen Mitchell

Last week Happy Camp Veterans were greatly appreciated for Veterans Day! It wasn’t long before everyone was asking, is there going to be any dinner or other appreciation? It was discussed at the Neighborhood Watch and inquiries went out far and wide. The Happy Camp Community Center and Kingfisher Market contributed and the Karuk Tribe opened the Multipurpose/gym on Second Avenue for the dinner.

The first grade class made a banner hanging over the tables. Robin’s daughter, Clarabeth decorated candy dishes on each table with red white and blue candy kisses and surrounded with a ribbon of the same design!

Robin Eggers took the bull by the horns, in a manner of speaking, after the Neighborhood Watch meeting and got everyone organized before heading off to Portland where Michael Eggers, her husband and

Local Veterans Honored

a Marine was getting medical care. Daniel Effman made the barbeque chicken for a great dinner. Robin and her family made chow-mien and rolls. Many brought desserts and salads. Wish I knew who baked and made up all the good food and could thank each one, but they were very well received and gratefully appreciated!!

The kitchen was busy! Nadine McElyea and Doreen Mitchell who did so much for the veterans at the Family Resource Center in bygone years were there helping. If you’ve seen Robin volunteer for an event in the past, you’ve no doubt seen all her children and son-in-law helping our as well. They’re really a great team.

When most everyone was assembled and the barbecued chicken was ready, Kirk Eadie shared a couple of verses from the Bible and prayed. Jeff McAllister led in the pledge of Allegiance and shared the members of his family that have or are serving in the military. It was good to see so many in pictures, some with their families pictured too, and other mementos.

Lou Tiraterra, one of the regular Veterans Social members was surprised to find another veteran from the Korean Conflict. Lou, Jim McMillan, William Munton and my husband Daniel usually meet at the Happy Camp Community Center at 38 Park Way at 10 o’clock on Tuesday mornings unless they are out of town or have other appointments. All Veterans are welcome, and they always keep hop0ing for more to join them. This week they had Michael Duncan, a graduate of Happy Camp High School who recently retired from the Navy who could tell them a lot about submarine life.

.We didn’t have any World War Veterans, at least who stood and told what area of the military they had served in. It seemed we had all branches of the service and were so very grateful for everyone came that we could express our appreciation for their serveice. Volunteer workers were also appreciated! There were over forty there, although several years ago there had been many more, it seems a lot of our World War II veterans don’t get out. Next year, please let us know of any more veterans so that we can be assured that they are appreciated and invited. Thanks to those who brought Ve4terans to help them get there!

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