Salmon Fishing Season Is Coming Soon!!

Ironhead Guide Service has boats available for salmon fishing on the Klamath River so take a look at the calendar dates and let them know when you would like to book, from September 1, through . October, 7 are also open for salmon fishing. But other’s will be snatching up some of those dates, so give Mario a call as soon as you can. .

Spend the day fishing with Mario and you will see why his boat fills up so fast. You won’t get yelled at for missing a cast, or a bite. Mario doesn’t guide for the money, he does it because it’s his passion and catching a fish is just a bonus. Mario says, He “will work my butt off for you and do everything I can to ensure you have a great trip. Take a look at the reviews to see what my customers have to say about my business.
If for some reason you can’t fish with me personally, my brother Bobby is my first string guide and has been fishing for me for 3 years and has been right next to me fishing so he has been very well trained. I also have handpicked experienced local guides on most of the rivers I fish to assist me with the recent increase in demand for my service because we are determined Irongate Guide Service will not disappoint you.

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