Santa Claus is coming to Happy Camp, for Craft Fair and Tree Lighting!!

Happy Camp Christmas Craft Fair

Happy Camp Christmas Craft Fair

Didi France-Poe, Trisha Branham and Melanie Niemi who had lots of beautiful decorations and things for Christmas

Saturday was a great day! Rain didn’t defer the fun at the Karuk Multipurpose Center on 2nd Avenue. There were an amazing number of vendors of crafts and arts! Like Leona McLaughlin said, it was the best party in town, carrot cupcakes, pecan pie brownies and her beautiful jewelry.
There was hot salsa, eggnog with duck eggs and all sorts of beautiful cards and decorations. The wreaths of greenery were fabulous. Ann and company had enchiladas, and took orders when they ran out. Virginia was knitting away on hand warmers. Cat had turned her yarn into very cute bowl holders which work much better than a potholder when you’re holding the bowl and she had sparkly Christmas decorations as well.
Coach Bob Hokanson had a really neat ad for the “Horse Creek Camp” upriver in Horse Creek years ago; C.H. Barton was the proprietor so likely a generation back, whom the bridge down there is named after! He has all sorts of signs and ads and paper goods!

Coach Bob Hokanson

From Dreamcatchers to sterling silver jingling wind-chimes, from leather work to cozy baby booties and blankets., there was an amazing assortment of gifts for all family and friends whatever their ages or needs.
I’m so thankful when people come and tell me of coming events to share with you!
Art Show Next Week
The news that there will be an art show at the Klamath-Siskiyou Art Center next Saturday is exciting. Alan Crockett has been teaching an art class for College of the Siskiyous and the students will be showing their accomplishments on next Saturday! Alan would cordially like to invite you to the new and improved Klamath Siskiyou Art Center for a tasty celebration of an incredible collection of brand new paintings by amazing artists. We would love to have your company to share a lively afternoon of free appetizers, sparkling conversation and delightful drinks. It’ll be a sensational time!
Tree Lighting December 14th
Next Saturday evening will be a great gathering. It’s time to light up The Camp!! It will be only the 7th year since the Happy Camp Volunteer Fire and Tiraterra Family will be lighting the tree after the Lighted Christmas Parade. Staging for the parade occurs at Kingfisher’s Market. Promptly at 5:30 the Parade starts and at 6:00 the Tree will be lit. Then that jolly ol’elf will arrive and the kids will all have an opportunity to talk to Santa Claus. Any questions may be Erik Haskell 530-7355 or Eileen Tiraterra 643-1506.

Parents who work will appreciate the hamburgers, hot dogs, popcorn, cider and hot cocoa that will be available. Project Santa Claus will be passing out presents to the kids.

Never a dull moment in December and it was good to see the sun poking out a bit after last week’s rain. Have fun getting ready for the Christmas events!

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