Farmer’s Market began: Seiad Valley Update

Update by Judy E. Bushy June 12, 2020 a version reprinted from Siskiyou News Last Saturday, there was a table with delightful plants, flowers, lavender sachet, and magnets!! Seems like rain has really upset the schedule!!

Jaime Allen with Michael and Yarrow had Framers Garden on Saturday in Seiad Valley.

While there wasn’t a full Farmer’s Market entourage out with things, it was pleasant to have a drive to Seiad Valley and find Jaime Allen and his helpers! They had a table with beautiful flowers, lavender, and plants. Yarrow has beautiful local pictures on glass magnets also. It was chilly, but we appreciated their being out, and the rain held off, but was sprinkling after I made my purchases. The beautiful Alchemy Roses reminded me of my bridal bouquet and since Dan and I celebrated 54th wedding anniversary last Wednesday, made a pretty bouquet for lunch (from Partner’s Deli!!)

Enjoy your local
Farmer’s Market

Are you looking forward to Farmer’s Market time? Fear Not, it has begun!

Saturday, Seiad Valley Farmer’s Market will have lots to share with you. It will be at the large Oak Tree across from the Wildwood a the west end of the town of Seiad Valley. That’s Saturday morning, but rain has postponed it so best to check week by week!

Happy Camp
Happy Camp Farmer’s Market is scheduled to open June 4th. they plan to continue through September 24th. Hours are 5 pm to 7 pm Thursdays at Highway 96 and Davis Road by the Klamath Siskiyou Art Center. Look on Facebook for the happycampfarmersmaket.

Mount Shasta
The Mount Shasta Farmers Market is held on East Castle Street in Mount Shasta. It opened Monday May 18th from 3:30 pm to 6 pm. They plan to go through October 12th. The market is limited to 50 people at a time, Customers are asked to wear masks and they have some available. They are also on Facebook. Look for MtShastaFarmersMarket for more information.

If you are down in Dunsmuir on a Thursday from 4 pm to 7 pm you may call 925-4355 to ask details about a FArmer’s Market there or check their Facebook as well.

Farmer’s Markets have been able to open because they’ve been declared an essential service in California. They ask customers not to attend if they don’t feel well. Please, all; observe safe distancing, wear masks and not linger longer than necessary

Farmer’s Markets stimulate the local economy! They help preserve farming and rural livelihoods.The best part is you can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, which are very good for you, and your family’s health!


  • Ron Sievers

    Is there someone to contact with seiad farmers market ,are you spokesperson?

    • Seiad Valley Farmer’s Market is Saturday at 11 to 1 o’clock according to the sign out in front of the Fire Hall when we passed yesterday. Calling Seiad Store or the Cafe would be a good way to be sure it is still meeting or how long it will be (perhaps determined by weather!) We were saddened to hear that there will be NO Seiad Day on September 25th this year,but hopefully next year things will be more normal. In the meantime, without this major fundraiser for the Seiad Valley Volunteer Fire Department, contributions and donation would be greatly appreciated and for further information on that you may contact Annie Buma.

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