Snow, Snow, Snow brings cancellations….and New Years Dinner!

The Happy Camp Elementary School Program Thursday was canceled.

Church at Happy Camp Christian Fellowship which meets at the Elementary School Sunday morning is canceled.

The Christmas Eve Community Holiday Dinner is postponed from Monday to next week. The Dinner will become a New Year Dinner! It will be held on New Year’s Day at the Elementary School from noon to 2 pm. Hopefully we will all have dug out from the beautiful blanket of snow covering the community by then.

How much snow did you get at your house? Do you have electricity? According to the last report that I saw, 1,248 are out of power in 95039 area zip code. Someone also said that they had measured 30″ of snow- – – is it possible? That is a lot of snow out there!!


  • Tanya Armstrong

    No power since Thursday 3:30 p.m. and it just came back on (Monday evening)! Hitchhiked to Happy Camp today because I was sick of cooking canned food/grains on my woodstove. I craved fresh produce with some crunch to it. It was not easy finding a ride home.

    The snow here is over a foot deep and I can’t drive out w/my minivan. I’m trapped. The highway is clear of snow, but my driveway is buried. WHEN will it melt? Another storm due to arrive tomorrow.

  • Dave Allen

    I remember 3 feet on the level in 1968 and twice there were two feet on the ground in 1970. Are we returning to those days?

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