Snow & Special Activities for December

December started out with the Community Tree Lighting, Shuttlebugs serving as elves and Santa coming to have a chat with each boy or girl who had come to see him.

Last week, Thursday, was the Happy Camp High School Program and you can read about it on Child & Youth page.

This week was a Family Resource Center opportunity for the little ones to come in their jammies and have hot cocoa while they listened to story time with Mrs. Santa Claus!

Thursday was to be the Happy Camp Elementary School program at the High School but the program had to be canceled for safety. After a day of snow coming down, there were trees down, vehicles in little mishaps from all the snow and electric outages that were to last longer.

Funny how a night of quiet peace, with no sounds but the snow falling, evokes such a time of calm. Instead we stay close to home awaiting the roads to be clear, keep candles or lanterns burning until the electricity comes back on and have no worry and stres of all the things we had intended to accomplish yet before next week!! While some may have missed the last day of school for 2012, perhaps they will enjoy the change in plans yet!

Ready or not, Christmas will arrive Tuesday!

Santa Claus listens to a students wish for Christmas at Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce Community Tree Lighting

In the meantime, YOU are welcome at a Community Holiday Dinner. Everyone is welcome Monday, Christmas Eve at the Happy Camp Elementary School from noon to 2 o’clock. Thank you for all who have donated and will come to help out preparing serving and cleanup. The Happy Camp Family Resource Center is putting on this wonderful time to gather for a meal with all out neighbors.

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