Spring Celebration of Dear Mad’m Coming!!

The Fourth Annual Dear Mad’m event is coming May 3-5!

May is Dear Mad"m!!

May is Dear Mad”m!!

The book, Dear Mad;m by Stella W. Patterson was published in 1956 but it told the story of how Stella moved to a cabin along the Klamath River in 1946 when she was eighty years old. This adventure of hers and the friends and neighbors along the Klamath have inspired many since those days.

Inspired by comments by Pete Lismer, Stella;s great grandnephew and author with his wife, Liz, of the autobiography “Dear Mad’m Who Was She?” about involvement of the young people something new has been added. We will have a Dear Mad;m Writing Contest and keep stories they’ve written. We plan to make a book of the stories and the winner’s writings will be presented at the Saturday luncheon.

If you’ve read, Dear Mad’m and enjoyed it, we would love to have you join us. If you haven’t read Dear Mad’m, we’d love to have you join us to celebrate the literary accomplishments of our Klamath neighbors!!

Further information will be added of speakers and Judy Hahns continuing poem, and the campfire musicians and storytellers. But we want you to plan to come and we are looking forward to seeing you there and having a wonderful time together!!


  • Don Rinker

    I really enjoyed reading Dear Mad’m some years ago. I thought I saw another book about her but I didn’t write down the title or author. Can you be of help and send me the title and author? I live in Oroville and every year on my way to Crescent City for my vacation I go thru Happy Camp. I have a friend here in Oroville that worked for the USFS in Happy Camp for a couple of years and he tells me some of his experience while living in Happy Camp. I drove thru there this year the last part of July.

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