Keeping Safe and prayers….

By Judy E. Bushy April 30, 2020
There’s news at Kingfisher Marketas. Last week we shared requirementS for patrons to don gloves and mask for shopping. To those who didn’t have a kind friend to sew them a mask, Karuk Tribe donated them for the community! bE SURE to continue to shop locally and support our local businesses!

This week the Kingfisher Market said,”We are really looking forward to the end of this Pandemic… until we have the all clear, we will continue to try to make the store a safe place to shop. To that end, we have installed plexiglass shields at each of the registers. We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from our customers.”

This coronavirus situation is unprecedented in most of our memory. We certainly hope that it will be resolved as soon as possible, and polls show good and bad things that have resulted. Families are home more than ever! parents ARE helping their children in homeschooling. Teachers, are of course helping, but from safe distancing guidelines.
The saddest things I’ve seen lately is the new complications in children announced in some countries that send them to Intensive Care at the hospital. Also, suicides are up which is an indication of how much kindness and help we need to be aware of the needs of our loved ones and neighbors.

President Trump declared May 7th the Annual National Day of Prayer amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are a Country that, throughout our history, has looked to God for protection and strength in times like these….,” Trump tweeted. “No matter where you may be, I encourage you to turn towards prayer in an act of faith. Together, we will easily PREVAIL!”

Happy Camp has had many situations for prayer in the past days of this crisis. Solutions don’t always seem to come easily, but great effort and strength among all those of the community. There are friends and neighbors with cancer and other serious illnesses that we pray for regularly; we know that this is a difficult time for both the patient and the patient’s family and friends. This makes them more susceptible to the coronavirus as well, and they need out caution out of concern for our neighbors health and wellbeing!

We’ve been praying for a missing person from Happy Camp who was on his way home from Medford. Thankfully, Ron has been found in Medford and he is safe. Thank you to those who have prayed! Don’t stop now!

Thank you, and as we hope that businesses and our practices will open somewhat in the coming days, don’t forget that washing hands and precautions will always help one to stay more healthy and curtail the spread of many diseases. Be safe and healthy!