Celebrate Resurrection April 21st

Sunrise Services for the Klamath River communities

The best celebrations of the year, Passover and Resurrection are happening. My youngest son, Stephen, used to always put a towel over his head and watch Charles Hesston in The Ten Commandment. What better hero than Moses and what greater modern illustration of God’s ability to protect His People and bring them out from bondage! Ben Hur is another favorite of this time of year, although those chariot races are rather grim for the little ones.

Christians in Happy Camp will gather at the “Happy Camp International Airport” according to Kirk Eadie for Sunrise Service at 7:30 am Bring a chair if you need it, and dress warm. I know first light will hit Happy Camp a bit before 5:53 and sunrise ins considered 6:23 but it is always kept at 7:30 no matter what the change of date varies.

In fact if it rains, Pastor Stan Poeschel will be welcoming all to the Log church, Happy Camp Bible Church 64301 Second Avenue in Happy Camp.

Upriver, Horse Creek Community Church will meet closer at 7 am for their Sunrise Service and then they will follow with a 8:30 breakfast, 9:45 Sunday School, and 11:00 church service to celebrate the Resurrection. Talking to Pastor Paul Mcilroy, he also said that in June (June 24 – 28 they will be having Vacation Bible School for all the children in the community who would like The Incredible Race!

Speaking of the kids, there will be an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids at noon at the Happy Camp River Park, Don’t be late, these kids are great egg hunters!! Earlier there you have your final opportunity to support the Easter Egg Hunt by purchasing raffle tickets. Wonderful prizes!!

The most important celebration of the Christian Year will be April 21st
Living He loved me, dying He saved me, Buried He carried my sin far away,
Rising He justified me freely forever, One day He’s coming—o glorious Day!!