Lisa Haas brings us Trees, Trees, Trees!

Maple Leaves full of color!

By Judy E. Bushy
Lisa Haas grew up in Happy Camp! Her family has resided there for many, many generations. Recently, Lisa has watched from afar the devastation and have truly admired the way the community has come together to help one another.

While wondering how one can help raise hope within the community. and a lengthy and crazy discussion with her Mom, Ellen Johnson, the solution to begin was planting trees!
sO lISA talked with Kevin from Eugene Wholesale Nursery about what types of trees would be best in this situation.

Kevin has suggested Maple and Poplar. They are reported to be fire resistant and grow rapidly. They are also beautiful an full of color!

My 21st birthday, AGAIN) is November 8th! We will be coming down with whatever trees are reasonably priced as the price decreases with the amount we buy. I will continue to make trips down until everyone has a tree and then some!

The hope is to see beautiful color and regrowth by next summer/fall.

Many of my family and friends have lost their homes, Lisa said. “I haven’t lived there in quite some time but do visit often. Please reach out to those that I am not aware of that also lost their homes and have them contact me so I can ensure everyone gets a little hope.”

To raise funds for this purpose Lisa has set up a gofundme. account. See below for a link.

“I look forward to hearing from everyone so we can plant a hope tree together!”