Old Fashioned Favorite Recipes Requested for Friends of SCMuseum

Friends Cook Book

Recipies from the Past requested for Friends of Siskiyou County Museum Cookbook

We seem to be on a food theme, guess that’s because we are all enjoying these warm apple pies and other goodies. Last week at the Friends of the Siskiyou County Museum, to hear Bill F. Jeter tell about his boyhood in Hornbrook, which included Scouting with a Karuk Scoutmaster (Leroy), we learned more about the historical cookbook being compiled and how you can help.

Do you have an old family recipe that is a special favorite for your family and friends? The Friends of the Siskiyou County Museum would like to have you help them put together a historical cookbook to benefit the non-profit, Friends of the Siskiyou Museum, whose purpose is to support the museum. It will be sold at the Museum gift shop and other locations and make a good gift next Mother’s Day.

I will be going out December 14th for the local author’s book signing if you’d like me to deliver them to the museum. The deadline isn’t until March, but if you put it off, it will never get done. Deadlines help!

The “Friends” would appreciate if you would copy your favorite historical recipe, and also include a little write up about the person, mom or grandmother or whoever who passed this recipe down to you, and a bit of their story. A photograph of them, perhaps of the dish as well would be appreciated. You can contact Selma Schantz 841-1031 for further information or send an email to fscMuseum (at gmail. com)

Friends of the Siskiyou County. Museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping our local museum in reaching out to families, students, tourists, and locals through volunteerism, programs, projects, special exhibits, and displays. We want to bring HISTORY to life for many who have rarely stepped into a museum or for those looking to do research. Dues are only $10 per year.

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