Last Days of Summer Vacation~

by Judy Bushy, August 12. 2015
For the teachers and staff at the schools, this week is probably the last full week of summer vacation. Wednesday the County Fair at the Siskiyou Golden Fairgrounds in Yreka begins. What fun and food and activities that will be!! Good time to enjoy it, as the summer vacation is drawing to an end. For the students, they have another week if they are going to Happy Camp High on Monday, August 24th or Happy Camp Elementary on Wednesday, August 26th

Leslie Huston sent details about Seiad Day Celebration coming on Saturday August 29th. Come to the lovely little town of Seiad Valley on Highway 96 and nestled along the Klamath River in the heart of the Klamath Mountains. Celebrate and support the Volunteer Fire Department with a Silent Auction along with Pie and Craft Auctions the kids can play on the giant bounce house, while the adults play horseshoes, peruse the many craft booths, join in the auction fun or just relax in the shade. The Pancake Breakfast begins at 8 am and the parade starts at 10 o’clock.

Our summer has flown by! Well, with hubby being retired, he doesn’t get summer vacation, but enjoys the garden and yard work that keeps him busy this season. It’s delightful to have the zucchini, sugar pod peas, tomatoes and green beans coming now. In his spare time, he has had lots of little medical appointments taken care of. After giving him three rides to the VA Clinic in Redding, a couple of trips that the VA sent him to Chico Retina Clinic for eye injections, and a trip to Sacramento, we have put on the miles for sure! A few weeks ago, our youngest son, Stephen, mentioned something smaller and more efficient might be a good idea. The car he mentioned was orange, well,officially bronze but it looks orange3 to me! When we drove into Warner’s Wagons Wednesday after the last Redding trip, it was on sale! So, I am now practicing driving a manual transmission and enjoying “new wheels!”—well 2007 wheels, that are new to me! What fun!