Think Pink–and Walk 60 Miles.

Alverna 3 day walk1

You may see Alverna Bresette sitting at her desk in the office at Happy Camp High School. You may not imagine her going for a trip to southern Califonia for three days of walking, and walking 60 miles!

However, for a good cause, that is what she has accomplished! She did it again in 2007 and came in about 315th of the million people who were walking to support research to aid in the fight against breast cancer!!

Last year, Alverna and her daughter, Tamara M. Bartel, participated in the walk to benefit Breast Cancer Research. Tamara was a Happy Camp High School student (Class of 1989) and went to College of the Siskiyous (class of 1991.) She now serves as a correctional officer in Lovelock, NV.

Mother and daughter are now making plans for the 3 day walk, November 9-11, 2007.

Tamara and Alverna will participate in a three day walk of 60 miles for breast cancer research. She and her daughter will share in this experience and, yes, they did walk sixty miles!

For futher information on how you can support them in their desire to help breast cancer research, go to the Web site: where you can donate to cancer research.

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