This Week in Happy Camp, Homecoming

Wednesday, Sept.13th Junior Back in the Day Day/ School Pictures/Karuk Class 2nd period/ Back to School night/5:00 to 7:00pm/ Powder Puff Game 5pm/ Art’s Scholarship Dinner/ Elementary School Volleyball Game/ Youth Council Conference Planning meeting 2pm/

Thursday, Sept. 14th Senior Color Day

Friday, Sept. 15th Blue and Gold Day/ King and Queen elections during 1st period/

Pep-Rally/ Homecoming Parade 2pm/Homecoming Practice 12:30pm with escorts/ Welcoming Committee/ Singing of the National Anthem/ Football Game /Senior Class Cake Raffle/ Homecoming Ceremony/ Homecoming Dance/ 9pm to 12pm/

Football Gate Dorie and Diane/Football Band from Saied Valley with De Kelner

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