Windfields songs at the Art Center Coming

Did you have a wonderful holiday for Independence Day? Some from Happy Camp went to the coast to enjoy the Pacific Ocean. Some went to visit friends or family other places, but some of us stayed home.

Being in the middle of a National Forest, and always conscious of the dangers of wild fire, fireworks are forbidden. Not that the sounds around us didn’t hint (loudly) that some didn’t comply.

But the most amazing thing about living out in the middle of the forest, relatively close to the wilderness, is the beauty of a spectacular star-lit night. Try it sometime. It is fantastic to just enjoy gazing at the heavens and seeing the constellations and be amazed at the beauty we often miss.

Klamath-Siskiyou Art Center

The day after Independence Day was the beginning of the summer season at the Klamath Siskiyou Art Center. There was a delicious dinner served for a donation. The salad was especially deliciously fresh. They had my favorite raspberry vinaigrette dressing too! It was great.

Linda Jo Martin, who moved away from Happy Camp six years ago, June 30th, came back and treated Dan and I do dinner at the Klamath Siskiyou Art Center. Linda began Happy Camp News when she was here and Facebook on Happy Camp, California. She also did web design and assisted with Happy Camp Chamber activities. It’s good to have her back in “the Camp” from Idaho.

After dinner, the music was tuning up and more was to follow. It had been announced that, “The Distilled-Spirit Rebellion will be down in Happy Camp, CA to celebrate their own kinda freedom…..cosmic cowboy style!!!”

“Their Facebook page said, “We’re excited to climb over the mountains once again visit our friends on the Klamath in Happy Camp, CA…..bringin’ our 100 Proof ‘Backwoods Blend’ of Honky Tonkin’ Cosmic Outlaw Country Rockin’ from Williams, OR” that’s Rogue River country!

When the crowd had brought chairs and assembled around the “black box”, Nazel Pickens introduced Mike O’Donnell on drums, Benji on the bass, Jimmy MacLeod guitars, Fred Epping pedal steel, Lob Strilla banjo, fender and additional guitars and vocals.

Music, toe tapping, and for some, dancing music began and there was a lot of music to enjoy. They even sang a gospel song and included Noah in the repertoire.There was a discussion recently on the Klamath Siskiyou Art Center. It is a 501c3 organization and the members are enthusiastic artists and appreciators of other’s art as well. I remember when they first went to the RAC for a grant to get a building for the Art Center…and they have worked hard and grown over the years.

This Friday, July 19th (Ron Boren’s 80th birthday)a note from Alan Crockett said, Hang ON, We’re flying high this Friday with a soaring party of deliciousness.” This is usually the case with the Art Center Dinners, I never remember one that wasn’t delicious!! First, get ready for the grilled taco explosion featuring organic grilled Chicken with Spanish Rice and slow organic pinto beans with a sensational spread of salsas and a fresh green salad.

Following the fantastic dinner, at 8 pm at the Black Box will be a night of musical enjoyment with the energetic tunes of folk indi band, The Windfields. It is fun to see families gather for a night of music, and this will be a night to remember.

These fun gatherings, for the Karuk Reunion and for a dinner and music at the Klamath Siskiyou Art Center are a wonderful way to enjoy the friends and neighbors and even those returning home from rar away, and a great activity for summer days

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