Siskiyou Alliance Meets for the New Year

Siskiyouu Alliance CofC

Judy Bushy
It seems as if we have had quite a few trips out of town lately for dentist and such, but Tuesday was a very pleasurable meeting with the Chamber Alliance at the Siskiyou County Economic Development offices in Yreka . The Chamber Alliance sort of replaces the old Associate Chamber of Commerce where all of the Chambers of Commerce of the county got together on a regular basis to find out how we could work together. I well remember a great luncheon meeting at Oak Bar along the Klamath where we met a few years ago. It was fantastic to become acquainted with that historic lodging that shouted out the history those walls had seen in the past. There are so many charming spots in our county that we are unaware of and truly are gems to find!

At the meeting Tuesday, Marie from Mount Shasta began the meeting with introductions all around and it was a joy to see represented, Mr. Shasta, Yreka, McCloud as well as Happy Camp. Marie came down to Happy Camp to meet with the board of directors of our Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce to assist with a number of legal questions and bylaw revisions and has always been such a help to our small chambers. We are looking forward to a spring gathering of Chamber Alliance in Yreka for further training. In the summer, when Jim Mullins’s Mt. Shasta Ski Park is less busy, we hope to have a gathering in Mount Shasta and October they may come to Happy Camp for a meeting, according to the tentative schedule. We will be so delighted to have members of the Chambers from all over the county come and visiting us and October it is a beautiful drive along the river!

The last mixer in Weed was a good place to chat with folks from Weed and other Chambers and we missed not seeing any of those friends had been able to make the Yreka meeting this week. Siskiyou Daily News was well represented and shared how they help businesses which was encouraging. I remember when the Happy Camp Chamber held ribbon cuttings for many a new business in town and we are always happy for the opportunity to share in the celebration of a new business as well as any other positive happenings in the business community!

There were also three representatives who sit on the board of Collier’s Information and Interpretive Center, Grace Bennet, Suzanne Birch and Marie truly a asset for out communities down the Klamath River highway! They are on their way to becoming a California Welcome Center which is quite logical as they do serve to welcome all the travelers coming south along Interstate 5 from Oregon. The traffic that they get stopping at the Center and the rest area probably is the highest concentration of travelers in the county with whom we can share the news of all the wonderful activities and things to do and see in our County!

Other Chambers in the county appreciate their volunteers and no chamber has better volunteers than the Happy Camp chamber!! We discussed starting an Ambassadors program at the Tuesday night meeting after the Chamber Alliance. We also discussed the Spaghetti Dinner at the Grange March 6th. All of the business owners are most welcome to come. there will be Business Fair from 5 to 7 while food is served and then the annual business meeting begins at 7 o’clock so mark your calendar! The board voted to keep the dues the same as last year, $50. This was a difficult decision as some felt it should be raised to account for the new office space and opportunities to share their promotional materials with more visitors to our community, but in light of the difficult times we are living in, the board kept it the same.
Suzanne Birch from Enjoy Magazine shared a gift box of goodies from the Enjoy store in Redding as she also told us about Marketing opportunities through the magazine which covers the north state.

Happy Camp town is all Lit UP!!!

All week the children have been looking forward to a talk with the man with white whiskers in the red suit. Friday was the annual Community Tree Lighting.
The Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce usually puts on this event each year and this year, in a great show of community unity, the Outdoor Club stepped forward and offered to help. Chamber president, Cathleen Searle, was busy printing the fliers and busily collecting oranges from Double J, cider from Raley’s, candy canes from Rays. Frontier Café and the Pizza House had specials so families who had little time before the Tree lighting could grab a quick supper . Doreen Mitchell and Nadine McElyea were busy popping the popcorn which smelled tantalizingl It was a very cold evening!
Instead of the caroling there was a very special song! David Arwood is one of the teachers of the Karuk Language and Culture Class at Happy Camp High School. The kids were spending all of class time this week learning “Winter Night Song.” Silent Night translated “ikxaram uskaaxti” winter night, “ishyav ikzdrum.” The song continues to picture a bright warm fire on a dark winter night when stories are told of long ago which help us to learn and grow. This Winter Night Song is sung to the tune of Silent Night. It was translated into Karuk by Auntie Violet Super and Sarah Supahan with help from Bill Bright. It was a most enjoyable musical addition to the evening!
The new lights that had been donated made a beautiful tree. At the top was a large star. It reminded me of a year George Chambers made a star for the top of the tree. When you drive down Highway 96 through Happy Camp the tree and the star is certain to be a bright sight on a cold winter night! Once the lights were lit, Santa Claus arrived in a red fire truck. He was greeted by cheerful children all running to hug him! He made it to a chair where he presided over the rest of the evenings events. Eileen Tiraterra deserves special appreciation as the elf that stood by Santa’s side and kept him supplied with candy canes and oranges for the kids.
Thanks to the Happy Camp Chamber and the Outdoor Club who showed community unity by jointly putting on this annual event for the children. The Forest Service keeps the tree lit. Thanks for the elves who served refreshments. To all those who donated and hung the lights and star, drove the fire truck, sang and served refreshments, the cleanup crew, and everyone else who helped—a big THANK YOU!

Youth are our Future!

Michael Thom, Duke Arwood (Education Director) David West (Southern Oregon University) Sonny Davis, and Russell (Buster) Attebery (Tribal Chair elect & High School Teacher & Coach)

All of the Happy Cap High School students were welcome to participate in the Karuk Youth Leadership Conference last week. The most moving thought was a large poster re reminding all that Youth are our future. The event opened in the High School Hokanson Gym where Michael Thom introduced Sammy Davis for an opening prayer. The students and staff received t-shirts from the event which many have been wearing since then which keeps the lessons learned from the conference fresh before us.

The first speaker was David West from the Southern Oregon University where he counsels Native American Students. He shared some of his Algonquin background and how his grandparents moved to Oklahoma. Although he didn’t dwell on the experience all but the freshmen class have studies the Trail of Tears from history studies. Since his mother and auntie were sent to boarding schools from 7 to 12 years they didn’t learn the language and couldn’t pass it unto him. Therefore he is learning to speak the language of his tribe as a grown man of 62 years, Since there is no word for Grey in their language, his name is “white like old, eagle” which basically means Grey Eagle., He also shared how he was adopted into a tribe with a new name which meant “my brother I have found you” as a sister who had lost brothers adopted him,

David West encouraged the young people who have desires to help their family, their tribe, their community, their river and trees, to get an education so that they can. After a motorcycle accident, he was encouraged to go back to school on the G. I. Bill since he had volunteered for the service and was a veteran. He got a degree in Sociology from Rogue community College and then went to Alaska for a master’s degree in Community Psychology. That program included traveling all over Alaska talking to elders of a number of different tribes and he and fourteen other students in the program came back with ONE word that was most important to all, RESPECT David West said if you don’t have self respect, you are less likely to have respect for your family, your tribe and community, an even the earth and the whole world. He also talked about the storytelling in his tribe with twenty families in the long house on a winter’s evening with everyone from elders to the children listening together, He has been teaching young people how to enter college and succeed. He asked how many would like to do something for their people> for River” for forest”, Apply yourself and you can Creator Didn’t make no junk! You have strength and energy. The men out dip fishing didn’t get muscles for fishing dip nets in playing with an iPod.

In his travels he has spoken to the elders of many villages. He has spoken to the young women and children, but the young men weren’t there. In some many cases they were either in the graveyard or in prison. There are those who want to help young people succeed getting an education. At his door there are groceries for anyone to take if they are hungry and they can bring it back when they can. David West was born in a logging camp and traveled with his family in this area. It is a beautiful place. He has eaten huckleberries in many places around here. He encouraged the students, don’t look down on it because it is small, you will realize what a sanctuary it is someday. Many tribes aren’t on their own land, His own Grandparents went to Oklahoma and more Native Americans live in the inner city than any other place. …and closed saying, “May the Creator Bless you and we have opportunity to come together again,”

“We are responsible for the future, We are the Caretakers of culture, traditions and a singular person can have an impact on the community was the message Morgan Faucet broght.. Morgan isn’t much older than the students, yet he travels the nation with a message Ft rate photographer and plays the flute. He had a power point presentation that was very encouraging on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disabilities The example that Morgan and his grandmother shared was Alkali Lake where Alcoholism was rampant in the community with associated problems. There was a turnaround in the community and the community went from vast majority of alcohol problems to vast majority sober until all those who wished to live with alcohol left the community and it became 100% sober,

Following Morgan Faucets talk and playing of the flute. Students gathered in groups and wrote down whom were there positive helping mentors and why and if there were something the students could change about the community what would it be. Then the students took turns taking the talking stick and contributing ideas for writing on posters by the secretary of each group What is your vision for a healthy positive community What resources and tools do you need?> What would make it real? How can youth work with the council or village to promote healthy lose relationships and oaths to success?

The day was not yet over, there was a fantastic lunch at the Council Chambers and demonstration dances and traditional games. Many of the young people stayed. It was an encouragement that our young people are looking to work to bring healthy community and are on the pathway to success.

Fishing Derby At Kelly Lake

Chaance Casting pic from Alan Crockett

The Winners are in! Thank you to all the boys and girls who went fising at Kelly Lake for the annual Fishing Derby!
Special thanks to the volunteers who helped them!
Largest and combined fish for K-2nd

Angelina Moehring- 1st Place- Single Largest Catch (32.6 cm)
Jose Cortez- 1st Place- Combined Largest Catch (25.8 + 30.8 cm)
Micah Carrol- 2nd Place- Single Largest Catch ( 24.2 cm)
Autumn Goodwin- 3rd Place- Single Largest Catch ( 21.0 cm)

3rd – 5th

Javier Garduno- 1st Place- Single Largest Catch ( 42.5 cm)
Chris Aubrey- 2nd Place- Single Largest Catch ( 42.1 cm)
Isaih Wilson- 3rd Place- Single Largest Catch ( 42.0 cm)
Max Nelson- 1st Place- Combined Largest Catch ( 27.8 +27.4 + 30.0 cm)

6th- 8th

Sean Lindholm- 1st Place- Single Largest Catch ( 28.8 cm)
Anthony Moerhing- 1st Place- Combined Largest Catch ( 28.6 + 27.6 cm)


Angelina Moehring- 2nd
Maddy Davis- 1st
Abigail Rhoades- 3rd

3rd – 5th

Mitchel Camarna- 1st
Shane Carroll- 2nd
Rachel Carroll- 3rd

6th- 8th

Miranda Rassmussen- 1st
Gaby Riehn- 2nd (tie)
Tucker Welter- 2nd (tie)

St. Pat’s Day Variety Show

Happy Camp Pie in the Face

Pie in the Face

Happy Camp CA St. Patricks Day

Abbye, Bela & Ciera had a great skit!!

What did you do for St. Patrick’s Day? Did you have a great corned beef and cabbage dinner? You could have, if you came to the St. Patrick’s Day Dinner at Happy Camp Elementary School. Besides dinner, there were also auctions and variety show. It was a delightful evening of visiting with friends and neighbors.

Cody Haskell and Glenn Rickel were the Masters of Ceremonies. They also served as auctioneers of some really neat donated items. All the proceeds of the dinner and auctions went to the 8th grade class of Happy Camp Elementary School. You would be truly amazed at all the talented people in our community. First Abbey Eadie, Bella Bryant and Madison Offield did a song and dance routine. Silas Yoshomoto played the piano. Brittany , Madison Offoeld and Matilda Peters cheered. Jessica Williams, Jessica Lantow Mekhia Gabriel and Maddy Offield jumped rope. We enjoyed Mirandas song. Natalia and Nikki also sang. Rudtz Galindo played a great song on the keyboard. After Megan sang her song, Chelsea King, Ella Galindo, Sylvanna Arwood and Royale Pinassi were up there keeping the hula hoops spinning, They even kept them going when throwing and catching a ball among themselves.

Abbey in white wings and a halo, and Cierra, in red and black from wings to horns tried to influence Bella, the young girl in the middle, for a skit. Natalia sang a song. Ryan Randleman sang with his guitar an original song. Then the Soggy Bottom Band played. Casey Chambers, Glenn Rickles, Cheryl Horvath, `Rana Scruggs, Rattj Sherman, and Melissa Rhodes played some most unusual instruments. What a fun time. The whole audience sang, “You are my sunshine!”

Oh, one more thing for the evening. The pies in the faces of Deputy Tygart, High School Principal Alan Dyar and Elementary Superintendent Chambers. Glen Rickles also got a pie in the face. Carmynne Neimoyer “got a pie” from the Cheerleaders.

The Elementary School Multipurpose Room was packed, and everyone had a good laugh. It was fun to see neighbors that we hadn’t seen in awhile. Those with grown kids looked at the performers and wondered where the years have gone. It’s great to have them off in the world, working and being busy but it wasn’t long ago that they were the little kids singing in Jon Saler’s choirs, playing in the band, and looking so adorable. Children grow up much too fast but we can enjoy them while they are young!

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