Musical Addition to Holiday Dinner

Wainwrights music, Holiday Dinner in Happy Camp

Much to the enjoyment of the Christmas Eve Dinner guests, the Wainwright family from Happy Camp provided a musical backdrop.

Thanks to Karen Derry, Nadine and the staff and volunteers at the Family Resource Center who put on the Community Dinner on December 24th. Papa Tiraterra was a special hit, and the Wainwright family, Jim, Cheryl, Laura (Senior at State University) as well as a friend from Canada, who played and sang during the meal.

It was especcially good to see some of the students who have been away from Happy Camp for further education who returned for the holidays – Andrew Bley, Craig Reece and Laura Wainwright among them.

Thank you to all the volunteers who cooked, baked, served and cleaned up after the community dinner.

Carol and Kyle did the dishes!

Fabulous Desserts and Music At Seiad for Malloy Barneson Scholarship!

Last Sunday afternoon there was an annual event at the Seiad Valley Elementary School. For only a small admission fee, many people showed up for the Malloy-Barneson Scholarship dessert event.

The desserts were delicious! Fresh strawberries and whipped cream on pound cake, brownies, cakes and more delectable delights than I could hope to describe. Bonnie Barneson said that her Dad’s chocolate cookies were awesome and I must admit she was right. There were also musical talents to listen with a flute solo of Danny Boy and Violin solo accompanied by Susan Crawford on the piano.

It was a delightful evening visiting, and a joy to see Carly Hammon presented with the scholarship as she graduates from Happy Camp High School. Cassidy Hammon was also home from College of the Siskiyous where Carly will join her next year.

Blameless Child Band Plays at Jamboree

Beth and Isaac of the Blameless Child Band

Bethany and Issac of the Blameless Child Band

By Judy Bushy

There was a special Christian Rock Concert at the pavilion after the parade by Blameless Child .

This group consists of the Bashor Family. Liz is 18 and lead vocalist and guitarist, Bethany is 16, and plays bass, Sam is 17, and Isaac, 11, rounds out the performers, but their adoptive parents help behind the scenes.

Thanks, Bill Estes, for helping to bring them to Happy Camp. They were also going to have supper with the youth of the community up at the Assembly of God Church afterwards.

Amazing Teenagers Bless Happy Camp With Beautiful Music

Tristan Clarridge is the 2002 Grand National Fiddling Champion. At fifteen, he is the youngest fiddler ever to achieve this honor at the annual Grand National Championship in Weiser, Idaho. His talented sixteen year old sister, Tashina, won third place.

Lucky for Happy Camp – they decided they wanted to perform at our Second Annual River Run and blessed us with two afternoons of some of the best music this town has seen. Their music is exquisite and exciting, and the honor of having them choose to come here was uplifting for all of us, bikers and Happy Camp volunteer workers alike.

If you missed their stellar performances at River Park, don’t despair. Their CDs are available for sale on the web at their website, Clarridge Fiddlers. Three MP3s from their first CD are available for download there – try before you buy – these fiddlers and their mom are great!

Thanks go to Jeff and Lisa Wade, owners of the Indian Creek Café, for providing meals for the Clarridge Fiddlers during their stay here.

Clarridge Fiddlers
Tashina playing the fiddle, Grand National Fiddling Champion Tristan Clarridge playing mandolin, and their mother, Janet, on guitar.

Saturday Night Jam

Billed as “The Son O’ Pop’n Jam” and as “an evening of music and popcorn”, the jam session on January 19 was an attempt to discover if there’s local interest in having a coffee house type evening in Happy Camp. I could not resist the opportunity to see who might show up and with what. My curiosity was not disappointed.

Wandering into the Family Resource Center an hour after the jam began, I found Robert Goodwin at the mike, playing his acoustic guitar and singing with a friend. About twenty people sat in the darkened back room, listening; the only light came from the stage where a drum set, keyboard, amps, mikes, and electric guitars were set up. Goodwin’s final tune was one he had written himself, and I heard Coreen Davis say it was the best song he had sung that evening. I agreed – it was awesome and heartfelt. It seems that the songs best suited for our voices are often the ones we write ourselves.

Next Coreen and her husband, Scott Hampson, played with a friend, Denise, on guitar, Scott on banjo. They did a few blue-grass mountain-folk tunes.. very entertaining. I had to leave about then, but later in the evening returned to find a group of about ten musicians still at it. There were several electric guitars, drums, two keyboards, and a bass guitar. The music was loud! We heard Dylan’s tune, All Along the Watchtower, in the Hendrix style, and something that sounded like Pink Floyd. Some of the musicians are very talented and some are beginners, but everyone was having a good time groovin’ with the music, deep into the night.