Amazing Teenagers Bless Happy Camp With Beautiful Music

Tristan Clarridge is the 2002 Grand National Fiddling Champion. At fifteen, he is the youngest fiddler ever to achieve this honor at the annual Grand National Championship in Weiser, Idaho. His talented sixteen year old sister, Tashina, won third place.

Lucky for Happy Camp – they decided they wanted to perform at our Second Annual River Run and blessed us with two afternoons of some of the best music this town has seen. Their music is exquisite and exciting, and the honor of having them choose to come here was uplifting for all of us, bikers and Happy Camp volunteer workers alike.

If you missed their stellar performances at River Park, don’t despair. Their CDs are available for sale on the web at their website, Clarridge Fiddlers. Three MP3s from their first CD are available for download there – try before you buy – these fiddlers and their mom are great!

Thanks go to Jeff and Lisa Wade, owners of the Indian Creek Café, for providing meals for the Clarridge Fiddlers during their stay here.

Clarridge Fiddlers
Tashina playing the fiddle, Grand National Fiddling Champion Tristan Clarridge playing mandolin, and their mother, Janet, on guitar.

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