Introducing: Carol Dyar, HCHS staff member of the month

by Judy Bushy
Carol Dyar was presented with a certificate for being the Happy Camp High School Staff Memeber of the month. In presenting the certificate, Diane Oliver said,
“The Staff Member of the Month of January, I believe, is the hardest-working member of our staff. In a thousand ways, every day! She helps each and every one of us, and her jobs are endless. She processes a mountain of paperwork, takes and delivers messages, creates and prints transcripts, makes sure we have nutrition and lunch, #elds calls and requests from parents, updates CUM files, makes sure we have the right forms to fill out, watches over students sent to the office, makes sure we’re paid, fills in for others when needed, works late hours so things run smoothly, updates Aeries, orders supplies, keeps us on track, bandages our hurts, and gives us candy.

“And she does it all with a smile and a gracious manner. There is no way to list all the ways she is invaluable to us every single day. For all these reasons and more, I am proud to present the Staff? Member of the Month of January to our secretary, Carol Dyar.”

We are very grateful for all the staff at Happy Camp High School! At present this included our teachers, Denise Bearding teaches Science classes, Honors English and also the art class. She plans to take students to plays in Ashland, Oregon Shakespeare Theater next month.
Diane Oliver teaches computer literacy, yearbook and helps us out when we have computer questions or problems. That is such a help as new technology is important part of an education! Erica Mitchell teaches World History, American History, Government, Economics, German and Health and Physical Education classes. Wow! That is a busy schedule, but she also teaches leadership and works with the Athletes Committed and took a bunch of students to Washington D.C! Carissa Bussard teaches English, Drama and has the journalism, drama and Harry Potter Club. Ed Sherman teaches math classes, from Academy math, Algebra, Geometry and all sorts of number maneuvering accomplishments! Denise Bearding teaches Honors English, many varieties of Science as well as Art! She is very versatile in her areas of expertise! David Timbrook teaches woodshop and welding.

Steve VanErt is our principal, and leads the team in the efforts to educate and nurture to maturity all the young people in our care gathered from up and down River in the most beautiful place on the Klamath!!

We also have bus drivers, food servers, tutors, janitor, buildings and ground keepers and aides besides Carol in the office. Jeanette Quinn teaches the students next door at Jefferson High School.

Takes TEAM work to educate the students and we have a great group of students who we are working to help them reach their highest potential!!