Veto to New Regulations for Klamath River Use

Governor Swarzengger has vetoed the bill of great concern to the gold prospectors along the wild Klamath River. We want to see the fish and wildlife protected from harm, if there were harmful effects of suction dredge mining, however, most dredgers looking for gold are amazed at how the fish enjoy participating in the sport.

No scientific study has shown dredging to be harmful, and at least one has shown that it is particularly helpful in restoring habitat for fish.

The Governor said that “current law gives the Department of Fish and Game the necessary authority to protect fish and wildlife resources. It is unclear why this bill specifically targets a number of specific waterways for closure of further restrictions,” he said, and “scientific environmental review should precede such decisions.”


  • Sharon

    This is terrible news. I was hoping to buy some river land and do some gold mining, .. with a 5″ dredge.

    The Gov. probably wants to buy the land for himself, .. since there is gold to be found in that area.

    Arnnie was a good actor. I don’t think much of his Governing abilities. He always seems to be jumping into someone’s pocket.

  • Lucky

    Please note the govenator is siding with the miners.

  • Good morning, I don’t know if this is the correct place or not, but I am a writer that shares stories of river trips. I love the Lower Klamath and have written about it many times. I was hoping to update my latest post about the river accessibilities after last year’s fires. Would you have any information? Here is my blog post as well:

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