2nd ‘Rockin the Klamath’ fun at the RiverPark

Key of Three was the headliner band for 3rd annual Rockin’ the Klamath

Saturday was a beautiful day in the park for Rockin’ the Klamath, but the weather was warm. That is probably why there were so many wishing to win the Raffle for the Inflatable Kayak with pump, paddle and lifevest! Just the thought of a cool ride down Indian Creek in that Kayak sounded mighty refreshing!The Kayak was donated by James Buchner of Klamath River Resort Inn who was at the park bright and early Saturday setting up a screen tent. Shane Gottleib and his family who have Affordable Memories and More were also busy setting up the sound system as well as their booth.

The Seniors had a pull tab booth. Rich Kelly had his beautiful jewelry. much of it made of Happy Camp Jade. River Connection booth had both jewelry they had created and even a shirt of mail. Linda Martin was selling and signing her newly published, River Girl. Affordable Kemories & More had a booth of absolutely beautiful photographs!! They also made a DVD which will be available in the Chamber office in coming days.

Cheyenne Moore favored us by singing the National Anthem to begin the program. Happy Camp Has Talent master of ceremonies was Ray (the roofer) Masters. He introduced the talented Happy Campers who sang and did great performances. Ballots were given when the tickets were collected at the gate so that the audience could vote on the contestants. Paul and Colleen Lefleur and Todd Gilbert tied for first place winners. The two other performances that won were Dinah’s dancing ladies and Cheyenne Moore. It was very difficult to choose between the performances because we enjoyed them all and they were each so unique. The performances left some time to spare, although many had already voted so others were cajoled to overcome stage fright and show us their talent. I never knew Judy Hahn wrote and recited epic poetry. Loved hearing her recite “I’m a cowboy.” Jeanne Burrer sang the Patsy Cline song, “Crazy” very well. We also enjoyed Tera Haute singing “Blue Bayou”. Lisa sang “The Tree Song ==Starlight”. It never fails to surprise me how talented so many Klamath Neighbors are in so many ways!!All in all, it was difficult to decide upon a winner, as shown by the number of ties and all were greatly appreciated. Hopefully they will be prepared to share their talents again the next time when we have Happy Camp Has Talent and not be shy.

An Oregon band, Ponderosa Breeze, played next as people enjoyed Polish Dogs, sodas and smoothies. Rosemary Boren kept food service going and the smoothies were so refreshing. She was assisted by many volunteers, especially Yukon, Charlotte, and Cliff who slaved over the hot grill through the hot hours of the day. Some enterprising young ladies picked blackberries along the River Park pond and enjoyed FRESH blackberry smoothies! Thank you for all the help Angelina!!

The Happy Camp Coordinating Council which are the folks that will be putting on the Bigfoot Jamboree August 31 through September 1 & 2 ran the beer booth at Rockin the Klamath. They will be looking forward to seeing you again at the River Park August 31-September 2nd for Bigfoot Jamboree!!

State of Jefferson Brotherhood Motorcycle friends helped out at the park also. It was good to have them there. Half of those who had planned to help out in that capacity had been called out due to the Dillon Fire southwest of Happy Camp near Dillon Creek. One can never plan when a wildfire will occur and sometimes it happens when you have other plans. However, you just drop everything and go. We appreciate the firefighters and all their support workers who were fighting the fire.

Next year will be the 3rd annual Rockin the Klamath tentatively scheduled for end of June. Plan now to update your Talent and put on your dancing shoes and plan to come then.

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