Bigfoot Scupture Planned

Bigfoot is coming! An artistic rendition of the legendary forest creature is to be created from metal collected by the community. Sculptor Ralph Starritt will be in Happy Camp for a few weeks this summer to create this unique Bigfoot sculpture. Mail went out to all Happy Camp residents requesting metal pieces of all sorts brought to the Forest Service parking lot on Friday, July 13 from 9 to 5. This metal will be incorporated into the sculpture project, and donating a piece of it is the opportunity of a lifetime for Happy Campers.

Examples of metal donations needed are sheet metal, baling wire, cable, chain, rebar, and round or square tubing. Welding and cutting supplies and a grinder will also be useful. Also needed is a 12-16 foot long dual axel trailer, requested for about three months to build the sculpture on, and a bit of land for putting the sculpture on permanent display.

Any volunteer sculptors in town can participate in the building of this monster. Monetary donations are needed for supplies, equipment and Mr. Starritt’s lodging and other expenses while he is in town. Donations are tax-deductable and can be mailed to “HCAP Bigfoot Project” P.O. Box 640, Happy Camp, CA 96039. Donations have already been received from Frontier CafĂ©, Evans Mercantile, Clinic Pharmacy, Happy Camp Elementary School and the U.S. Forest Service.

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