Dr. Burns Resigns Alcohol & Drug Prevention Coalition

by Judy Bushy

Things are busy in Happy Camp. The last meeting of the Children and youth Alcohol and other Drug Prevention Coalition was eventful. I was very sad to hear that Dr. Steven Burns has stepped down from the leadership of that group. Dr. Steve has done a wonderful job in founding this organization with a most important goal for our community—to prevent alcohol and other drug abuse among our children and youth.

Dr. Steve sent an email to let everyone know that he will not be able to continue actively working on the coalition project. Since moving his family to Happy Camp, he has become four times busier than he was in San Diego. He will be refocusing his time on his family and church activities as well as his many ongoing responsibilities as the town doctor.

Karen Derry who directs the Happy Camp Family Resource Center was asked by Dr. Burns to take over the duties, pending a new meeting of the coalition. We thank Dr. Steve for getting the ball rolling on this alcohol and other drug prevention efforts in our community.

Karen and Nadine are excited about the impact the Coalition can have on our Klamath River communities for our children. For more information, or to volunteer your help in this effort, you may call 493-5117.

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