Grange held Holiday Bazaar Dec 4rd

The morning after the Community Tree Lighting was the annual Holiday Bazaar at the Grange. Walking in the door of the Happy Camp Grange and smelling the cinnamon rolls fresh out of the oven was tantalizing. Who could resist!
A wonderful assortment of beautiful gifts were available! Tanya had knit hats of several varieties, serape’s and baby blanket and cap combination gift sets in such a rainbow of shades and colors. Looking at those colors made one think of all sort of assorted ice cream treats! Rich Kelly had his beautiful jade jewelry. Bob and Rosie Bley had beautiful commemorative pens made of the wood from the old Happy Camp High School gym floor Bob turns the pens on his lathe and installs the ink and trim to make a really beautiful pen. Beth Buchanan was on hand with the Bigfoot Cookbook which is sold to make it possible for the land where Old Town Park is located, become public property Sharon Whitman and Linda Davis had all sorts of amazing things from knit hats to well, you’d just have to see all the things they had. It was great. Linda Thompson had candy trees and lollipops as well as other creations she’d made. Virginia Moehring had assistance of two girls who were helping sell See’s Candy for Corey! Terri Winslow had beautiful old jewelry for sale.
Keeping everyone well fed and happy, of course, Ruth Bain who organized this event for the Grange was busy making a delicious homemade potato soup as well as the cinnamon rolls and had her handicrafts. It amazes me all that Ruth accomplishes from her daily work as High School Secretary where she’s been coping with remodeling for seeming forever, and still has time for crafts and baking which everyone enjoys fully!!

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