Week Before Christmas Winter Concert at HCHS

By Judy Bushy
Seems like things go in cycles from quiet solitary peaceful days, to crazy days so full that there is something new happening every day. If we didn’t have one, we probably wouldn’t fully appreciate the other! The Monday Grange Holiday Fair soup and bread was a fun time with Santa there to engage the kids. The Tuesday program of Bigfoot Christmas with Happy Camp Elementary was amazing and those little kids are always a joy to see! So we come to Wednesday which was the day for the Happy Camp High School Winter Concert. The evening began with a lasagna dinner for scholarships for the seniors who will be graduating in June. Then there was time to look at all the donated items for the Silent Auction. Proceeds from the Silent Auction went to the yearbook fund to help out with costs of printing Diane Oliver is the Yearbook advisor. Dave Timbrook’s Industrial Arts classes had a display of things students had made in Wood shop and metal fabrication, incredible variety of projects. The Art Class had a display of student “Tunnel Books” also! They were very creative. Megan Hogue’s class has been studying fairytales and had fairytale art to display also.

After our principal, Angelika Brown welcomed everyone to the Winter Concert, we had visitors from Seiad Valley! The Seiad Elementary played “America” and the 8th graders played We wish you a Merry Christmas. It was so nice to have the band come and play for us.

The Drama Class under direction of Jess Hahn did some scenes from The Grinch that Stold Christmas. That was very enjoyable, Travis Ward is the best Grinch I’ve ever met!! The Government Class under direction of Erica Mitchell had a play also, Electing Santa! Kirk and Alex Eadie played a Christmas carol before an acapella group sang, I’m Yours! The Honors English presented An abominable Holiday. Christian Robison was the Abominable Snowman lost and wandering in the city streets after an iceberg floated south!

Happy Camp High School Basketball Cheerleaders had a presentation with Kirk and Alex playing Silent Night and another Carol before Abbey Eadie sang “Chestnuts Roasting” Angelika Brown thanked all the teachers and staff for their hard work and dedication producing this evening of entertainment, to the students creativity and theatrical performances and to our parents, families and community for the support and encouragement that make performances like this possible.

I was so grateful to be able to hear the students from Seiad Elementary band Wednesday as I didn’t make it to the Seiad program Three months without my faithful green van has curtailed some of the ease of hopping into the van and going to such events, and keeps me at home. Mostly it inconveniences my husband, Dan gives me a ride to school each morning, and picks me up from Computer Center of Chamber office in the evening, as well as all these special trips to programs and events, for which I’m very grateful.