Twelve Things Children Like To Do In And Around Happy Camp During The Summer

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If you live here you’re surely aware of these things. If you lived here as a child you’re sure to remember all the fun you used to have. And if you’re planning to visit and wonder what there is for children to do here, this will give you some ideas.

1. Swimming! Happy Camp has Indian Creek running through it from the north, and Elk Creek flows here from the south. There are wonderful swimming holes on both creeks. You can find one just past Five Mile Bridge on Elk Creek Road. Another more popular swimming hole is in Indian Creek, three miles north of Parry’s Market. We call that “The Eddy”. Another popular swimming hole is only five miles south-west of Happy Camp at Clear Creek. Park near the telephone and hike on a short trail to the swimming hole. It is easy to find. Children also enjoy swimming at Titus Hole here in Happy Camp. To find it, take Buckhorn Road to Attebery, go east one block to Live Oak, and then turn left to Spring St. where you can walk down a trail to the creek. Parent participation is recommended, especially for younger children.

2. Tubing! Lots of kids, especially teenagers, enjoy tubing down Indian Creek or even the Klamath River. You’ll need a large black inner tube and an adventurous spirit. Watch for rapids where you may want to get out and walk. Be sure to wear strong soled athletic shoes of some sort to protect your feet as all the creeks around here have multitudes of rocks at the bottom.

3. Rafting! You could either get a small raft to use on Indian Creek, or pay a local rafting company for a family-sized river tour. This is a great way for kids to spend the day on the Klamath River getting a close-up look at local wildlife and enjoying the rapids.

4. Sulphur Springs! Twelve miles south of Happy Camp, starting at Elk Creek Road, there’s a wonderful Forest Service Campground called Sulphur Springs where you can get into a real geothermal hot spring and splash around.

5. Picnics! Make a picnic lunch for your family. You can take it to River Park here in Happy Camp where there’s a nice new playground for younger children, or to a swimming hole, or to one of the Forest Service campgrounds. There’s a large day-use area with river access at the Curly Jack Campground here in town. To find it, just cross the bridge over the Klamath River and go south along Elk Creek Road and then Curly Jack Road.

6. Bicycling! This is a very popular sport in Happy Camp. If you’re visiting, bring your bike if at all possible. There are lots of places for kids to ride, including dirt roads and River Park. Be sure to bring your bike helmet too.

7. Fishing! Kids under age 16 can fish without a fishing license. Happy Camp is the Steelhead Fishing Capital of the World. The Klamath River is full of fish. Also, Kelly Lake which is just a few miles north of Happy Camp is a very popular place to fish.

8. Family Resource Center! If you’re looking for children’s activities, check in at the Family Resource Center to see if anything is planned. They’re located on Indian Creek Road near the corner of Second Avenue. They put on a Kids’ Fair every year and have indoor play equipment for tiny tots.

9. Ice Cream! You will be glad to know that soft-serve ice cream is available here in Happy Camp at Double J (next to the Pizza House) on Highway 96. They also have a variety of other treats and drinks that are perfect on hot summer days. There’s also a freezer full of ice cream bars at Parry’s Market.

10. Gold Prospecting! You can get a one-day pass to look for gold on the New 49’ers mining claims. Check in at the New 49’ers for more information. You can find them on Davis Road here in Happy Camp.

11. Computers! During the summer there are LAN nights for teens at the local Computer Center every-other Friday. Check in at the Computer Center at the corner of Washington and Fourth Avenue. There are lots of computer games for teens and young children which you can use all week long. There’s also internet access, and it’s all free.

12. Bigfoot Jamboree! Children love going to the Bigfoot Jamboree every year. It is at the end of the summer during Labor Day Weekend at River Park. There are games, contests, dances, vendors, food, and music. There’s also an annual Bigfoot Jamboree Parade.

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