College & Career Fair at HCHS

16Col&CareerHealth_0229Local physicians assistant, Chelsea Chambers and Laura were available to share about health careers with students.


Speakers for Happy Camp High School College and Career Day were Jon Lopey regarding law enforcement careers and Scott Ford, Associate Director High School Programs at the Art Institute speaker . Others shared hints for job interviews and high school staff and students “illustrated’ examples of how to dress for an interview, as well as a wide number and variety of booths for educational or career pursuits. .

The Karuk Department of Education with Cassidy Little and Alan helped put on the College and Career Fair at Happy camp High School Thursday.

16Col&Career_0233TANFTaniff office had a booth at the College and Career Day May 5th at the Happy Camp High School.

15Col&areer_0244DSimpsonSimpson College was also represented.

Week Before Christmas Winter Concert at HCHS

By Judy Bushy
Seems like things go in cycles from quiet solitary peaceful days, to crazy days so full that there is something new happening every day. If we didn’t have one, we probably wouldn’t fully appreciate the other! The Monday Grange Holiday Fair soup and bread was a fun time with Santa there to engage the kids. The Tuesday program of Bigfoot Christmas with Happy Camp Elementary was amazing and those little kids are always a joy to see! So we come to Wednesday which was the day for the Happy Camp High School Winter Concert. The evening began with a lasagna dinner for scholarships for the seniors who will be graduating in June. Then there was time to look at all the donated items for the Silent Auction. Proceeds from the Silent Auction went to the yearbook fund to help out with costs of printing Diane Oliver is the Yearbook advisor. Dave Timbrook’s Industrial Arts classes had a display of things students had made in Wood shop and metal fabrication, incredible variety of projects. The Art Class had a display of student “Tunnel Books” also! They were very creative. Megan Hogue’s class has been studying fairytales and had fairytale art to display also.

After our principal, Angelika Brown welcomed everyone to the Winter Concert, we had visitors from Seiad Valley! The Seiad Elementary played “America” and the 8th graders played We wish you a Merry Christmas. It was so nice to have the band come and play for us.

The Drama Class under direction of Jess Hahn did some scenes from The Grinch that Stold Christmas. That was very enjoyable, Travis Ward is the best Grinch I’ve ever met!! The Government Class under direction of Erica Mitchell had a play also, Electing Santa! Kirk and Alex Eadie played a Christmas carol before an acapella group sang, I’m Yours! The Honors English presented An abominable Holiday. Christian Robison was the Abominable Snowman lost and wandering in the city streets after an iceberg floated south!

Happy Camp High School Basketball Cheerleaders had a presentation with Kirk and Alex playing Silent Night and another Carol before Abbey Eadie sang “Chestnuts Roasting” Angelika Brown thanked all the teachers and staff for their hard work and dedication producing this evening of entertainment, to the students creativity and theatrical performances and to our parents, families and community for the support and encouragement that make performances like this possible.

I was so grateful to be able to hear the students from Seiad Elementary band Wednesday as I didn’t make it to the Seiad program Three months without my faithful green van has curtailed some of the ease of hopping into the van and going to such events, and keeps me at home. Mostly it inconveniences my husband, Dan gives me a ride to school each morning, and picks me up from Computer Center of Chamber office in the evening, as well as all these special trips to programs and events, for which I’m very grateful.

HCHS Football Homecoming

by Judy Bushy
Last week was full of fun and football preparations for Homecoming Football Game last Friday at Kufner Field at Happy Camp High School.The Elk Creek team came from all the way down by Willows to Happy Camp for the event.

At half time there was a coronation and Jess Haun, Activities Director for the High School, thanked all for coming. The prince and princess of the freshman class were Angelika Garrison escorted by Mitch Hokanson and Anthony Moehring accompanied by Beatrice Edwards. The Sophomore Royalty were Sydney Snider escorted by Connor Mitchell, and Jeffrey Kanawyer accompanied by Meranda Rasmussen. Junior prince Jose Ramirez was escorted by Brianna Conrad and Junior Princess was Destiny Polander walking with Ryan Parry. Senior Princess Ashley Allgiers was escorted by Alexander Eadie and Senior Prince Casey Tiraterra was accompanied by Bailei Allec.

The 2012 Homecoming Royalty Sean Hein and Frankie Snider presented flowers and crowns to Ashley Allgiers as Homecoming Queen and Casey Tiraterra as 2013 Homecoming King. It was a great game and a dance followed the last home football game. Next week the team will go to Dunsmuir for the final game of the season.

Time has flown quickly and it doesn’t seem possible that November is just around the corner. Friday will be All Saints Day, November Only four weeks from Thursday is Thanksgiving and the High School gets a whole week off for that holiday of Thanks! The Friday before will be Native American Day.
This Friday will be a Bake Sale at Parry’s Market. The purpose for this fundraiser is to finance the Annual Veteran’s Appreciation Dinner. Your baked goods, and purchases will show appreciation to our local Veterans. Proceeds will help with expenses and door prizes for the Dinner. So stop by Parry’s Market Friday from 1 -4 and help by donating baked goods, money or buying the goodies!

Senior Class Shares their Projects at HCHS!

Ray Griffin presented his Senior Project on woodworking with beautiful examples of his skill in this craft.

Ray Griffin presented his Senior Project on woodworking with beautiful examples of his skill in this craft.

Wednesday, the seniors at Happy Camp High School made their presentations of all the good work that they’ve accomplished with their Senior Projects. These projects are required for graduation which is only about ten days away, June 7th.

Speaking in front of a group of people from the community was a new experience and some admitted to butterflies in the stomach awaiting their turn, but all the presentations I heard were very good. Several did their presentations at the same time in the gym, so one couldn’t hear them all, but I enjoyed some of each of the student’s presentations.

Raymond Griffin had a good presentation on woodworking and only a small number of all of the wonderful tables, routed signs and cartoon characters and even glass etchings. They were beautiful. Back in the shop class more of his work was on display for people to see for the Open House preceded the presentations.

Cheyenne Moore had a presentation on firefighting and lots of tools and photos to show. She gave a very poised and knowledgeable explanation of her project.It is good to hear that Cheyenne will be employed by the Forest Service north of us at the Rogue River National Forest this summer.

West Timbrook also had the fire fighting topic, and as West has been serving on the Volunteer Fire Department for awhile it was good to see him share his understanding of the topic.

Cassidy Little had a very complete explanation of the job of Cheerleading Coach and shared her work with the Putawan Cheerleaders,

Kris Nelson is the valedictorian of his class and he has been very busy as he has already accomplished over a semester of college credits during his high school years. He had an interesting dummy for part of the project that he was reporting on, but I missed that part of his talk, but Kris did an excellent job of speaking.

Bridget Koons had a number of dental tools on her table and her board explained the work of a dental hygienist. Some of the examples of poor dental situations were particularly repulsive and effectively emphasized the importance of good dental hygiene!

Justin Smith gave a very good explanation of Video Games which seems to be a very popular topic with young men in our community. Justin did a great job telling about the development of video games.

Brandon Tripp had some great photos of sports. He’s had another topic in mind, but students sometimes find it difficult to find a mentor who can instruct and help them to learn enough about their topic. Brandon loves sports and he has also been invited to be one of four from Siskiyou County who was invited to take part in All Star Team this summer.

Cayla Hammon had a very complete display of the methodology of Elementary Education and did a very good presentation also.

It will be good to see the students take their places in caps and gowns June 7th, and those who will be graduating elsewhere this spring, but oh how we are sad that we shall miss their presence, especially with this class which has done amazing things.

Young Scientists have a Fair at HCES!

Happy Camp Elementary School’s Science Fair was great!! Science Fair Winners were: Best of Show: Tyler Hahn (Kindergarten!) who did a project on Sound Waves including tin can telephone. Principal’s Award was won by Keelan Hahn (5th Grade) on Electrical Currents. First Place: Lava Lamp: Group Project by Barbara Bledsoe (6th) and Royale Pinassi (6th)Second Place: Bridges Stress Test: Silas Yamamoto (8th grade)
Third Place: Hydrogen Generator by Brad Hahn (6th grade) which turned out to be an exceptionally exciting experiment and whose photo was in last Tuesday’s Valley View. So glad that the community had an opportunity to see the Science Fair at the Open House. It was great to see what the youngsters had accomplished!

Happy Camp High School Celebrates Winter

Wasn’t the snowfall lovely Friday and Saturday!! Didn’t last, but it was so pretty. I was wondering if Abbye Eadie and Cassidy Little singing, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” at the Winter Concert had anything to do with it. They sang beautifully , “Santa Baby” at the beginning, as well as “Dreaming of a White Christmas” concluding Happy Camp High School program.

In between, Denise Beardings Honors English Class presented a skit, “Superfreakiest Elfnam Christmas” which was their own invention. The Drama Class under the direction of Alyssa Garcia who had two presentations. First, the Dance Performance which was good in light, but then, when the lights went out,the glowing trims on black costumes gave a very bright dance. They choreographed the dance as part of their class work. The Drama Class also gave an abridged version of “The Nightmare before Christmas” which they will present in full later.

Our principal, Angelika Brown, welcomed everyone at the beginning and also reminded everyone to enjoy the Art and Industrial Arts displays. The students had done really fantastic work! Silent Auction proceeds to go to the Yearbook so the students will have a book of memories to carry with them after the school year ends.

Happy Camp High School Winter Concert

Proceeds from an earlier lasagne dinner went to the Scholarship Fund for Graduation, June, 2013. Carole Nelson, Vicki Hammon, and Sammy Jo were serving along with students, and Laura Wainwright-Thompson who is teaching Social Studies while Ms. Dorie is away.

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