Friday Art Center Dinner – August 19th

Alan Crockett

The Art Center is finally having another one of its highly addictive dinners this Friday and you’re all personally invited!

It all Starts at 6 pm this Friday with Cold Drinks and a Delicious Music Mix.

Barbara Rohr is generously cooking up a Sensational Indian Curry Dinner with Spicy Chicken Curry delicately Simmered in Coconut Milk and Ghee Served with Basmanti Rice. And of course, we’ve also got a tantalizing Veggie Curry for you vegetarians out there.

All This paired with a classic Grated Carrot Veggie Salad and an Magnificently Succulent Array of Refreshing Raitas and Chutneys .

We’re looking forward to seeing you all,

Alan Crockett

A Weekend to Treasure!

Art & Treasure Weekend was great in Happy Camp! The showers of early morning didn’t last long and the sun came out for a perfect day for the town wide open market with Yard Sales, Garage Sales, Rummage Sales and Flea Markets and even the Grand Openiing of Marble Mountain Gift Co. on Davis Road.

Visitors came to Happy “Camp from Redding, Yreka, Scott Valley, and from Oregon also,Central Point, Ashland, Medford, Grants pass, Cave Junction, and the coast! Nearly all exclaimed about the beautiful drive on Highway 96 they had enjoyed. Some were here for the first time and some were returning to places that they had fond memories from years past.

The Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce booth at Bigfoot Corner on Hwy 97 and Davis Road was especially busy handing out maps of the places to find the best sales, crafts and artwork. The Siskiyou-Klamath Art Gallery is at that corner and allowed visitors a good view of work by Alan Crockett and other talented artists. Cathleen Searle, the president of the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce said that they had spread the word “all over the State of Jefferson” and were pleased with the response. Cathleen had made a large three sides display celebrating the activities the Chamber is involved with during this 25th anniversary, members, and photos of past presidents.

The response was wonderful and they had so much fun visiting with all the friendly & enthusiastic visitors that the Happy Camp Chamber is tentatively scheduling a bigger and better Town Wide Ar & Treasure Sale for June 8–10 next year with more sales, more food, more arts & crafts and more fun for everyone!

Scenic River Environment for the Artist

By Diann Hokanson
The Scenic Klamath River is a painter’s paradise. Monet’s Giverney gardens with lily pones and Japanese bridge summoned the Impressionists no less than our Klamath inspires the Realist, Abstract, Representational and Surrealist artist.
The River itself with its deep emerald still places and raging white water rapids, travels both swiftly and lazily through narrow steep rock walls and wide open spaces. Edged with spiky river grasses, the smooth worn river rocks invite the graceful Snowy Egret. Blue Heron and the artist!
The Klamath is fed by bubbling streams and some pretty swift creeks. Down along their banks the temperature can be twenty degrees cooler.
Our own little Ferguson Creek isn’t even on the map. Walking under its conifer, oak and maple canopy is like closing a door, shutting out the noise of traffic from the highway, and opening into a world of quiet, cool and non-electric gurgle of the creek. Huge ferns grow here and moss covers the trunks of the Oaks and old fallen logs. N the middle of all these greens and earth tones are surprising brilliant reds, tiny fuchsia and delicate pinks and lavenders of wild flowers and trillium.
The landscape painter finds scenes of majestic grandeur. In the Wilderness area Ukonom, Spirit, Blue Granite and Cliff Lakes, each set like a diamond in the Marble Mountains. Ukonom falls, a mile up Ukonom Creek from the other side of the river, is worth the hike. The beautiful double waterfall is much like the Wiamea Falls of Hawaii. From Greyback, the high country, you can see across thirteen different layers of mountains and hills, each a little fainter as if you could see to infinity. In the spring and fall, mists settle in below and between the mountains, and we feel like the very first human.
Pastoral Scenes are also available; cattle and horses in cattle in golden meadows as well as lovely old barns and cabins. Along Highway 96 are old communities left from the Gold rush. Klamath River, Scott Bar, Hamburg, Seiad Valley, Fort Goff and Happy Camp. We have our old buildings and small town atmosphere. It’s like stepping into a time warp.
The portrait artist is after my own heart. You would think living in all this would be pretty distracting but the closest theater is 75 miles and the closest shopping mall is 110 miles away! What makes our place unique are its people. Do you know a medicine man? Have you seen the expression on the face of the prospector who held two nuggets of gold in hand? I know a 63 year old lady who dredges underwater, A man who can fell a tree in a stand without hitting another, a doctor who came to retire and fish and has never worked so hard in his life, a woman who runs a publishing house, and people who really live off the land with no phones and electricity. There are river guides and wilderness packers who will take you into the wilderness and artists living here. We have lived here fifty years and haven’t made a dent!

Musical Addition to Holiday Dinner

Wainwrights music, Holiday Dinner in Happy Camp

Much to the enjoyment of the Christmas Eve Dinner guests, the Wainwright family from Happy Camp provided a musical backdrop.

Thanks to Karen Derry, Nadine and the staff and volunteers at the Family Resource Center who put on the Community Dinner on December 24th. Papa Tiraterra was a special hit, and the Wainwright family, Jim, Cheryl, Laura (Senior at State University) as well as a friend from Canada, who played and sang during the meal.

It was especcially good to see some of the students who have been away from Happy Camp for further education who returned for the holidays – Andrew Bley, Craig Reece and Laura Wainwright among them.

Thank you to all the volunteers who cooked, baked, served and cleaned up after the community dinner.

Carol and Kyle did the dishes!


Klamath River, Kayaking, Happy Camp

Siskiyou County unemployment would be worse if one in nine employees didn’t serve the tourists visiting us. At a recent Tourism Workshop, Grace Bennet told about coming changes at the Colliers Information and Interpretive Center on I- 5. Have you stopped by and seen it lately? If you recall, it had displays with the nine cities as well as county information. Those displays will be changed, modernized, and converted to flat screen display. This will enable the county website to be shown. as well as allowing visitors to check out websites of other local attractions or businesses in our area.

Colliers Information & Interpretive Center is busy with 10,000 or more visitors a month in the summer, but they are open 7 days a week for 8-9 hours a day. Right now they get a great many requests about hunting, especially the elk and deer, and also ducks to the east of us. They’ll even have e-cards, modern Internet versions of old post cards, to send to friends and family to tell them how beautiful Siskiyou County is!!

If you haven’t been to the new county website recently, go and visit the site at It will tell you about fishing, kayaking, rafting, mountaineering, ice or lava caves, golfing and other tourism activities we enjoy here! It also has information on events, such as McCloud’s Annual Oktoberfest last week. Participants not only dressed in native German costumes to show off traditional old world dances but also dish up tasty traditional German fare including Sauerbraten with red cabbage, mashed potatoes and gravy, harvest lentil soup and bread, and dessert.

Emilyn Sheffield came from CalState about fifteen years ago to help us with marketing the State of Jefferson and Bigfoot Byways. Karen Whittaker and Bob Warren from Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association reminded us of Emilyn’s visit to Happy Camp. They were also telling accomplishments of their organization and requesting more photos and videos of our area to help them get tourists here from all over California.

Bob and Karen share lots of their efforts with Jonelle Tannahill of the California Travel and Tourism Commission from Sacramento. Jonnelles job is to represent all of California, including Happy Camp. Travel has expanded from the small family on vacation and they see more groups. Visitors to our area come for the beautiful pristine environment not found elsewhere. There was a specialized campaign for people wanting adventure “who are willing for their SUV to get dirty but not scratched.” They like adventure not too wild! Australian, German, Canadian and British are international visitors who love to travel to Northern California. The Europeans love National Parks and nature tours such as birding.

Jonelle and Karen both said a great deal about the Volcanic Byway, perhaps because that byway received thousands of dollars in grants for publicizing it as an All American Byway! They both also shared about how effective it is to have a trailer to go to events, like the Gilroy Garlic Festival where they handed out thousands of pounds of literature to promote an area for visitors. Happy Camp’s Chamber had a trailer for that purpose, but no one seems to know what happened to it a few years ago. Jonelle and Karen have much to offer us in terms of cooperative assistance for tourism. Some local hoteliers are discussing getting together for collaborative marketing for tourism as a district, with open meetings, Brown Act procedures, posting agendas, and discussing issues on the agenda much like the old Associated Chamber did with TOT taxes.

One in every nine jobs in Siskiyou County is in the tourism industry. We have people needing all the jobs we can create! We need to be encouraging tours to this most beautiful place along the wild Klamath River! We live with great beauty all around us.

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