Celebrating Love Along the Klamath

Heart of the Klamath celebrates with Valentine hearts

Heart of the Klamath celebrates with Valentine hearts

Judy Bushy
January blues aren’t a problem when all the fun garden catalogs begin arriving. What fun!! The days have been much too dry this winter, but the sun is wonderful. The low level of the lakes and str3eams remind us that we need the precipitation.

Perhaps it is because children love holidays, and from day care years we celebrate every holiday that comes along with enthusiasm! We make up a holiday if there isn’t one. This time of year, with all the Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas, and New Year’s holidays over, we need a holiday.
Valentine’s Day is coming, it is true. Three weeks from Friday, everyone can celebrate Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day can celebrate our romantic love, but all love deserves celebrating.

Love always deserves celebrating because it is what makes life worthwhile. It is love we first experience as all our needs are taken care of in a loving family. It is loving friendships that take us to our first experiences in the outside world and enlarge out circle of living. It is the neighborly love of our community of Happy Camp that encircles us in the center of this beautiful surroundings of forest, stream and blue skies above along the Klamath River. Our Klamath Neighbors are privileged to live, work and recreate in this home of outdoor beauty.

Our school children will, no doubt make red hearts to share with each other. Some high School students are planning a bake sale the day before at Parry’s Market. Our church messages will teach that we Love God because He first loved us, and we ought to Love God and love our neighbors as ourselves. The Golden Rule, to do to others as we want them to do to us is the heart of many persons value system.

Hope that you will give me a call (493-5248) or note (klamthviews at yahoo) and share what is going to be happening between now and then, Who is having a bake sale, where a special meal will be offered for the occasion, or other special things will be happening to celebrate love.

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  • Judy, I love it when there is news from Happy Camp. As I used to spend some summers there years ago. I call it God’s country it is so beautiful. I used to swim in Indian Creek. That was before I knew Bigfoot lived in that area. I am a firm believer in Bigfoot. It would be wonderful if someone would report on any sightings.
    I was wondering about something. A couple years ago, you had a picture of a young boy that was missing. Did they ever find him?
    Would appreciate if you would write me a note to let me know. Thank you, Sincerely Pat Topel

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