Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce Meets January 7th

The NEW YEAR begins in Happy Camp with a Chamber of Commerce Meeting. Friday, January 7th will be the first meeting of the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce of 2011.

The meeting will begin at the Grange at 5 o’clock with spaghetti dinner. Bring a salad to share for supper and then stay for the meeting. Since the Board of Directors was only Dinah Sulipeck as President and James Buchner as Treasurer and filling in as secretary, new directors have been appointed as directed by the bylaws. The five added directors are Cathleen Searle, Kirk Eadie, Montine Blevins, Pete and Terry Winslow. Cathleen will be sending out the minutes as Secretary. This board will serve until directors are elected on March 1st.

The membership dues were returned to $50. If paid now, membership will run through March of 2012.

The new board expressed their appreciation for the work of the former Board of the Chamber.

The website belonging to Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce is also missing and any information leading to it’s recovery would be greatly appreciated. The Chamber phone is 493-2900 answered by Dinah, Chamber president.


  • JavaBob

    I understand that you as a Chamber have see some trying times.
    God Bless you for perceivering. Keep in mind that if the Commerce suceeds in Happy Camp.. the entire community suceeds! Working together, even during tough times is what will make it all worth while!
    Keep up the great work!

    Thank you for reading and commenting on Happy Camp News JavaBob! We appreciate hearing from a former President of the Chamber of Commerce!! —editor

  • I’m so glad to hear the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce will be having open meetings in 2001. Chamber meetings used to be a wonderful community gathering place, and they can be that again. Happy Camp is a special place.

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