Happy Camp Coronation of Bigfoot Jamboree Royalty

Sometimes things just all seem to go wrong. You plan a party, and a parade and lots of fun stuff, but you can never tell where lightening will strike!! And often lightning starts a fire. This particular fire, Natchez Fire, burns around 28,000 acres of forest. It wasn’t even “our” forest, but a bit of the Rogue River Siskiyou National Forest pokes over the Oregon Border, even though it is Region 6.

Klamath National Forest is Region 5, but both Regions and both Forests have done a fabulous job in working together to put out the many, many fires begun July 15th by lightning and a few from other causes south of us!!

We are tremendously grateful for our Forest Supervisor’s and the Inter-agency Incident groups that have dome to put out the fire in timber. The fire is 8 miles NW of Happy Camp CA, and 15 miles SE of Cave Junction, Oregon. When these Incident Command groups come in they bring hundreds of firefighters in to work on the fire, for which we are very grateful. For a while the little village of firefighters was about the same number as the population of the entire town of Happy Camp!!

Despite our grateful appreciation for them, the fire still sends us a lot of smoke, but, we were so grateful, the smoke was much less, the sky was mostly blue and we were able to hold the Bigfoot Jamboree in Happy Camp. Friday evening there was a great dinner and DJ Dance by Vivian, Saturday was at Gail Zink Park, vendors and concessions and a great gathering of folks!

Kids Games and fun. You wouldn’t believe how much fun the children had with waterslides and other inflatables! That was followed by some special contests for the babes and tiny toddlers!! I assure you that there is not a hint of prejudice in my believing we have the cutest and most precious babes anywhere in the world. They are all colors, sizes and accomplishments from sitting doing nothing but smiling to bring their whole family joy!

Later,was the Coronation of the Bigfoot Jamboree Royalty! Brad Hahn, escorted by Judy Hahn, his grandmother, was crowned Bigfoot King. His brother, Tyler Hahn escorted by his sister Savanah Hahn was Junior Prince. Tayden Brink was escorted by his sister, Luna, and crowned the Junior King.

Jessica Williams, escorted by Virsur was crowned Bigfoot Queen and sold the most raffle tickets. Chelsea King was first runner-up Princess, escorted by her father, Travis King. Another Princess was Kaylee Bangs.

Bella Crocker Junior Princess in the Bigfoot Parade

Annabelle “Bella” Crocker was crowned Junior Queen escorted by Carter. Her royal court was Princess Bridgett Harrison escorted by Lance Hillman, Liz Canerena and Abigail Rhodes escorted by Lyle. Lily and Lela were the flower girls to present sashes and flowers while last year’s royal Bigfoot Queens crowned the royal king and queens.

All together the youth who were competing for King and Queen, Junior King and Junior Queen sold 2,370 tickets! Following the Coronation and the Queen’s dance, Raffle tickets were drawn. First place was a $200 won by Susan Sharp, Second place was $100 won by Karen King and the Craftsman Chainsaw was won by Daniel Goodwin. Those winners had to be present to win, and then there were a number of prizes that the ticket holder didn’t have to be present to win. Gift Certificates for gas and at the Market, and trips and such, Lots of wonderful prizes for he Raffle winners!!

THE ROADSTERS began the live music for the dance! The dance goes to midnight when the Gail Zink Park closed.

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