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An Excellent Morning Routine Is Key For A Happy Retirement
Posted on Tuesday, August 22, 2023 by Ian Gargan, Comments
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When you’re aging, everyone talks about the countdown to retirement. According to the latest polls, Americans at retirement age want to keep working to stay busy 51% of the time. But you don’t need to work to keep busy, you need to develop a morning routine that will set the pace for the day. You will learn how to fill your day with subtle joys that you may have overlooked in your hectic work-fueled life.

Whether you consider yourself a morning person or not, the day has to start somewhere. No matter the time when you first wake up, begin with a breathing activity. This improves lung capacity and increases brain function. A perfect technique for beginners is the 3-part breathing technique. Begin by taking a deep breath through your nose and bring it deep into your belly. Keep inhaling until you feel your chest and ribcage expand. As you exhale feel the breath leaving your collarbone and upper chest with your ribs and belly to follow. Don’t struggle or force it, keep each breath smooth, slow, and deep.

Once your bodies are adequately oxygenated many will reach for their phone. Don’t do it! Unless you’re visiting the AMAC webpage. That’s ok, but in all honesty, reaching for a phone or tablet will set you up for an unproductive day. The design of many apps intends to keep you from noticing the amount of time that’s passed. The best way to avoid this constant loop of cat videos is to never get into them.

Assuming you’ve avoided the phone trap, the next thing to do is make your bed. This will create a barrier, halting you from sliding back under the sheets at some point. Completing an activity will give you a sense of accomplishment and leave you ready to take on many more. Making the bed is great for your mental health and offers you a reward waiting for you at the end of your day. Think of it as unwrapping a comfy sleep present.

For the rest of the day, set small goals. Setting the bar too high will be discouraging. Break down big tasks into micro steps and focus on one micro step a day. You will have obstacles in your way, but be sure to reward yourself, frequently. And the most important thing you could do in retirement is to stay connected to your loved ones. A conversation with your kids, grandkids, or the family pet with lead to a very fulfilling life of retirement.

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