Reviving Square Dancing Along the Klamath River

Fun at the SquareDancing gathering!!

Reviving Square Dancing Along the Klamath River
Thanks to Debbie Bickford, who’d been saying, “Be there or be square!” Toe tapping music was coming from the Happy Camp Elementary School Saturday evening. A Square dance caller came from Medford was in Happy Camp Saturday at the Happy Camp Elementary School! There were lots of smiles and lots of instruction on how to do the steps, and it just looked like a good time.

Wayne Eaver is the caller for the Rogue Valley Square Dancers and Callers Association who came to Happy Camp for such a fun Square Dancing experience Saturday evening! They have a website

Square dancing was very popular in Happy Camp back in the 60’s. In fact, there was a popular Square Dancing Club that held a street dance and incorporated lots of other festivities with it. The year was 1966 when they closed off 2nd Avenue and began what has continued since that time as our annual Bigfoot Jamboree over Labor Day weekend. First few years, the Square Dancers handled it and then, I think it was the third year after that; Happy Camp Coordinating Council was organized to continue Bigfoot Jamboree!

Most years we also have a Square Dancing group from Yreka selling Pepsi at the modern Bigfoot Jamboree at the River Park. They didn’t bring their caller, so they don’t dance, even though I ask when they are going to each year. This year they didn’t make it.

According to Wikipedia, “A square dance is a dance for four couples (eight dancers) arranged in a square, with one couple on each side, facing the middle of the square.” Square dances in small towns all across the country are attracting a bunch of people. You’re not just connecting with your partner; you’ve got a whole square, eight people, to share the motions and actions. The music is fun and cheerful and will set your toes a tappin’ too! Just the thing for a chilly Saturday after the rain!!

If your organization is planning an event or activity along the Klamath River Highway 96 communities or in Happy Camp, give me a call if you want me to share it! (493-2900) We’re always home, but if we step out for a moment to go to the post office or for a drive, please leave a message. Emails are welcome as well klamathviews (at) We’d love to hear from you.

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