Kids Day at the Riverpark Saturday June 15th!!


From Nadine Bussert McElyea:

Kids’ Day at the River Park tomorrow! 14th annual event for our local kids. Crafts, food, activities, clothing sale, Smokey Bear. The main event at 1:00 PM is the Taiko Drumming group from Mt. Shasta. This group is famous and in demand all over the west. Take advantage of this opportunity to see them! Starts at 11:00 am, drumming at 1:00 pm.

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Community: thanks to all who had Yard Sales and the organizations that made it possible to have some bigger Flea Markets, Rummage and Bake Sales as well as Yard Sales!! Check our Art & Treasure Klamath River Yard Sale!!

Art & Entertainment special: Rockin’ the Klamath is coming June 28th!! Fun you won’t want to miss!! Fun, music, and food for a great day at the River Park.
Tickets are $7 now at the Chamber office weekday afternoons (will be $10 at the gate) Don’t miss it!!

Children & Youth: See picture from Vacation Bible Extreme at the Happy Camp Bible Church last week!

Klamath Neighbors: May Government to Government Coordination Meeting

Bigfoot Jamboree: pictures from 2012 Bigfoot Jamboree and previous.

Kids Fair at the River park

2011 Kids Fair at River Park

The Happy Camp River Park was the scene of the 11th Annual Kids’ Fair Saturday!

Even though the day was overcast, the kids still enjoyed sliding down the waterslide with a big splash at landing! There were lots of fun and games and good things to eat. The food was not only yummy but also (mostly) good for you—like fruit and such!!

There was a cookbook for kids available, but first a sample of graham crackers with cream cheese and fresh sliced strawberries on them! Yummy!

Carol, Kyle and Cliff were grilling the hotdogs, to go with a delicious looking bowl for cut up fruit. There was a video playing with Sesame Street Characters discussing healthy habits!

Melissa Culbert was doing fabulous designs for the face painting.

Crafting cute little pantyhose people with soil and grass-seed inside was Jayne’s table. I’d like to see them when the grass grows out as I imagine they look like a little green Bigfoot. Other places were gluing and pasting things on other kinds of craft items.

First Five was making sure every child went home with a book.
The Volunteer Fire, Ambulance and several Forest Service representatives were there with treats for the kids as well as a chance to play doctor or firefighter! The Ambulance workers gave out a bag with stickers and games which looked like great fun and provided a place to keep other treasures that the kids collected. The Forest Service had balloons filled with helium for the kids too!

Happy Camp Kids Fair

Kids Fair at the River Park June 2011

Happy Camp Children’s Fair, 2001

A fair for children was held at River Park in Happy Camp on July 14, 2001.

Children enjoyed fun activities like face painting, drawing Bigfoot pictures, and ring toss.

One of the attractions was a petting zoo with llamas and miniature horses from Little Dreams Ranch.

A girl with a miniature horse
A girl waits patiently as the hungry miniature horse enjoys the fresh, green lawn.
Nearby, a crowd gathers to see llamas at the Children’s Fair petting zoo in River Park.