Seiad Valley Crafters Fund the Fire Hall Activities

Iris, Amber and Linda made such cozy blankets pillows and other fabric arts!

AFter lunch we browsed the rest of the Seiad Crafter Faire offerings!
Linda Thompson had cozy blankets that were just perfect for the chilly weather, in pillows. There were all kinds of lovely patterns and one that held a baby. A doll was shown with it and I thought my granddaughter’s doll would have loved it! Amber Ogborn and Iris Edwards were next to Linda at a table with beautiful things they had made. Cody Sindle was there, or I think he was under the hood hiding!

Right across from Linda, Amber and Iris was a table of beautiful frames by Annie Buma, Annie’s Custom Woodworking & Framing. She has hand-milled sugar Pine, Douglas-Fir and Ash wood, with bark on some, made into beautiful picture, or mirror or art frames.

There were cookies, candies and treats for sale to enjoy as well.

Girls with snacks and candles at the Seiad Fire Hall.

Some young girls, Hannah and Mercy, had a table they had candles, some arranged in polished wooden branches. They had a good bunch of things for sale. It was good to see youthful entrepreneurs!! All ages were there from the youth to the more mature. Mr. & Mrs Long had their beautiful woodworking items for sale.

Teri Colwell had soaps and lotions, of great variety. She was sharing a table with someone with flower arrangements as well. Jill also had some lotion, sustainably harvested in Siskiyou County!

Jill Livingston and her sister Kathryn had books. I love books so that was great1 They also had calendars with historic photos of Siskiyou County or beautiful photos of Mount Shasta. The item that really fascinated me was a series of brochures at only $.75 each of Campsite Critters—a camper’s guide. The text and illustrations were by Irene Brady. There was a guide to big animals like “Bears” and the wild cats and dogs, “Mountain Lion” and “Wolves”, to little animals, “Chipmunks.” And those tiny little guys, “Mosquitoes, Ticks, and Fleas!” When I say that the artful sketches are beautiful, it isn’t just the picture of the animal on the front, there are tracks, in the chipmunk one, about twelve other drawings as well as a map of their territory. In fact, Jill showed me on the back they have a little suggestion who you could begin trying to draw them yourself. I wished that there was one on otters or raccoons. In fact deer and elk would also be interesting. There is a lot of information on both sides of a four -fold brochure!!

Wildlife Brochures that Kathryn and Jill Livingston showed at Seiad.

Our neighbors along the beautiful wild, Klamath River are some very talented people! They had such a wide variety of skills represented and wonderful gifts to give for the coming holidays. It was all for a good cause, the Seiad Valley Volunteer Fire Department, so you know that the fire fighters also give their time and labor to the community. Seiad Valley has faced evacuation from forest fires four of the last five years and they appreciate the work of the Fire Fighters!! We have so much to be very thankful for!!

New Friends Come Down River for the Klamath River Hwy 96 Sales

June 13, 2015 by Judy Bushy
Saturday morning was the annual Klamath River Hwy 96 Yard Sale Event.

Seiad Valley Volunteer Fire Department had a great Rummage Sale at the Fire Hall. Then vendors with beautiful plants for your yard, (love the Star Jasmine that Kathy had!!) and herbs and plant starts were at the next table. Rich Kelly of South Fork Mining had his beautiful jade jewelry and Californite and other rocks that he finds and turns into things of great beauty!

Wrobleski’s had a beautiful collection of scented soaps and things, and beautifully knit shawls. Even in the summer, like this, so many appreciate a wrap that keeps the icy air conditioning from making the wearer uncomfortable. Mr & Mrs E.B. Hill have beautifully turned redwood items, bowls, pen holders, and also whirly-gigs!! Such fun.

All were happy and enjoyed the breeze until it got less gentle and nearly tipped the canopies over! Dolly’s Deli was busy making Curly fries and corn dogs, and my favorite, strawberry lemonade! It was a perfect refreshments for a warm June afternoon. The Chamber of Commerce was also represented, and had an array of Naturegraph and other books, postcards, walking sticks and enough found new homes to pay the electric bill where the Chamber had its Information Center Office.

The most important part of the big sale, of course, was the Happy Camp Library! Many bookworms in our community found dozens of books to take home and looked exceedingly happy with their finds!! Teachers would have been so happy to see some of the youngsters with their arms laden with books, no dull summer boredom for them!
It was with great pleasure I met a couple who came from Yreka. Driving down the Jefferson Scenic Byway after reading last week’s column, it’s so good to meet “old friends” we hadn’t yet met, but were acquainted through the paper. It was good to see the people who came by to check out the beautiful drive down the river and great to meet them!