Karuk Reunion at the River Park

composite of Karuk Reunion
14th Annual Karuk Reunion was a great day at the River Park in Happy Camp, Saturday, August 21st. The theme was “atahareesh nu’iina” which means, “We will Always Exist.” It was beautiful at the River Park on the grass in the shade of the large trees. Everyone is welcome and it was open and free to the public. There are a lot of fun activities. There was inforamtion as well as vendors with food, crafts, jewelry and art for your enjoyment.

High point was the Salmon Dinner at 3:30 p.m.. Yum!

In the meantime there are lots of fun activities for the kids.
Duke Arwood is arranging a poker tournament and there will also be traditional card games. Robert Goodwin is doing the Horseshoe Tournament. Arch Super is arranging the Volleyball tournament. Those with skill at axe throwing will also have opportunity to show their expertise. There will be a 5k fun run and 3k fun walk to give you a good appetite for the yummy food that will be served.

Thank you to the Karuk Tribe for the annual Reunion which allows everyone to get together with old friends and family that haven’t been seen for awhile.

New Sign WELCOMES Oregon Visitors!

Welcome to our friendly little town!

One of our artists, Cheryl Wainwright, has crafted a unique welcome sign to Happy Camp. At the corner of Davis Road and Indian Creek Road, across from Parry’s Market, is a bright red and white painted antique truck with a sign, “Happy Camp, Welcome!”

Cheryl and her daughter completed the erection of the sign this week. At other attempts, part of the sign broke but now repairs have been made and we hope this will make folks coming from Oregon feel our sincere Happy Camp Welcome!

This sign is just two blocks from where Cheryl’s previous big project, the Bigfoot Sculpture, rises at the intersection of Davis Road and Hwy 96 in front of the Siskiyou Klamath At Center. With Ralph Starritt, a well known Siskiyou County artist, and with community help gathering materials, the Bigfoot was assembled. Many visitors to our community like to have their photos taken with our Bigfoot!

Dennis Day’s Dreamcatcher, “The World’s Largest Dreamcatcher” of it’s kind is also located on the two block stretch of Davis Road, making it the artistic center of this small town.

Youth do Summer Yard Work

Youth do Yard Work for Church
Youth do Yard Work for Church

The Youth of the Happy Camp Christian Fellowship were busy in the heat of summer, doing yard work. The church bought property on Park Way in Happy Camp, including the car wash on Hwy 96. But, as with all things, weeds and blackberries sometimes tend to take over a place. So the young people have been working at the property to cut back on the blackberries.

Pastor Kirk Eadie, Alex, James, Abigail, Joosie, and Ciera were at the church property doing some weeding. Tomorrow, Abigail will be cooking up a storm with another girl who wants to go to camp, too. They have been having bake sales in front of Parry’s for money for camp.

This weekend, James and Alex will be heading out to Camp Bradley’s High School Camp. The boys will be back on Friday, then they will turn around on Sunday and leave again for Camp Ford, High School Rafting and Camping Trip. These boys are going to be bushed… Keep your prayers up for them and their stamina…. the parents too…

The girls still have time to earn their way to camp as it is later in the summer. Thanks all who have helped and supported their efforts.

The Students are taught in Sunday School at 10:30 on Sunday morning at the Happy Camp Elementary School, when services for the whole family are held. The older students are taught by Dave (Mookie) Culbert while the younger elementry students are taught by Robyn Eadie. Alternate weeks Dan and Judy Bushy assist the teens to teach the younger students. Everyone is welcome to attend the Happy Camp Christian Fellowship on Sunday at 10:30 at the Elementary School on Park Way.

HC High School Reunion Coming July 25th

This has been a busy month in Happy Camp! Everyone is very excited, anticipating the High School Reunion for ALL classes on Saturday and Sunday July 24th and 25th
There is no registration form; The Committee is just Requesting that everyone mail in their name, address, phone# and/or email address, the year of attendance/graduation at Happy Camp High School, and their guest’s name. Cost is $30 per single person or $50 per couple – made payable to:
Log Memorial Scholarship Fund, P.O. Box 1076, Happy Camp, CA 96039.

The location will be the River Park in Happy Camp ~ Saturday with dinner and dancing, from 11:00 AM til late and on Sunday from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Breakfast will be served.

You need not have graduated from Happy Camp High to attend this event. It is for anyone who ever attended the Happy Camp High School. For more information contact Sharon Crocker, 530-493-2665, Pauline Attebery, 530-493-2250, or email derrykaren@yahoo.com

Later in the summer is another reunion is planned, Karuk Tribal Reunion! The Tribal Reunion will be on August 21st This is the 14th year that they have planned this event. This year it will begin at the River Park at 10 AM.

August 29th is the traditional day for Seiad Day!! The other BIG EVENT for the summer is the Bigfoot Jamboree!!! Everyone loves the Bigfoot Jamboree!! The coordinating council has great things planned for the Jamboree this year, including some thing new!! Mark your calendar and come to Happy Camp for Bigfoot Jamboree on September

Fabulous Desserts and Music At Seiad for Malloy Barneson Scholarship!

Last Sunday afternoon there was an annual event at the Seiad Valley Elementary School. For only a small admission fee, many people showed up for the Malloy-Barneson Scholarship dessert event.

The desserts were delicious! Fresh strawberries and whipped cream on pound cake, brownies, cakes and more delectable delights than I could hope to describe. Bonnie Barneson said that her Dad’s chocolate cookies were awesome and I must admit she was right. There were also musical talents to listen with a flute solo of Danny Boy and Violin solo accompanied by Susan Crawford on the piano.

It was a delightful evening visiting, and a joy to see Carly Hammon presented with the scholarship as she graduates from Happy Camp High School. Cassidy Hammon was also home from College of the Siskiyous where Carly will join her next year.

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