KIDS FAIR!! Saturday will be a busy day!

For a Report on the Kids Fair go to Children & Youth page.
Family Resource Center’s Annual Happy Camp Kids’ Fair will be held on Sat. June 26th at the River Park. They plan to have lots of information, prizes, games, art, music, food and FUN! It will begin at 11:00 and will finish this year at 1:30. Please bring the family, especially the kids, and come!

On the very same day, June 26th, if you’re headed upriver, the Scott Bar Community Association is holding a Ducky Derby and Frontier Day. The event runs from noon to 4:00 PM. They’re raising money for their children’s programs. You can adopt a ducky for $10.00 or 3 for $25.00. They will be dropped off the bridge into the Scott River at Scott Bar about 12:00 noon and race about a half mile downriver. The first ten ducks to reach the finish line win a prize! First place is a $200.00 VISA card, $100.00 VISA card for second prize and third place gets a $75.00 card. There are other prizes for the next seven ducks to finish. They are also having a horseshoe tournament, all entry fees will go back out in cash prizes for the winners. They will also serve food, hold kids’ games and have cow bingo!

Vendors are welcome to the craft fair. Call Cheryl Horvath at 496-3401 if you want to participate or have questions. You can adopt your duck at Quigley’s, Seiad Store or by calling Cheryl.

News of Happy Camp for May

All those April Showers brought May flowers to Happy Camp!!

Also, Retirement Party for Coach John Kufner May 15th at the River Park.
(see below for further details)

Mardi Gras for Community Seniors Friday May 14 at 6 PM at Karuk Multi-purpose room. Call 4923-5117 for details. Donations accepted.

For Community Connections Fair at Old Town Park, see Community Page

Weigh diverse opinions on the Monument Proposal on Opinions Page.

Andrew Bley’s Senior Project was Compassion, see Church page.

Registrations for Scott Valley Bank Chili & Sals Challenger is June 11th,
Same day as graduation from Happy Camp High School.

Happy Camp Homecoming Reigns


Happy Camp Basketball Homecoming was Friday night. Posters both for the spirit week competition “dress up themes,” and for the students running for royalty, decorated the walls. Butte Valley teams came to Happy Camp for the games.

Sammi Jo Goodwin and Sterling Conrad were the past year royalty who kept us in suspense until they selected Daniela Sanchez for Homecoming Queen and Brent Boykin for Homecoming King. The freshman candidates were Rosie Conrad escorted by Brandon Tripp and Cayla Hammon escorted by West Timbrook. The Sophomore candidates were Kassandra Polmateer escorted by her big brother, Joey Polmateer and Corey Burnett with Summer Goodwin. The Junior Candidates were Daniela Sanchez escorted by Ronald Reed and Brent Boykin accompanied by Jessica Camarena. The Senior Candidates were Brandon Alexander accompanied by Mardee Towers, and Violet Stearns escorted by Sean Hacking.

With the devastation from earthquakes in Haiti which have been in the news recently the Campus Life Club wanted to use their cake raffle to collect a donation to the disaster victims. They invited the rest of the school population to join them in baking for the Quake Bake raffle. There was a great showing of delicious looking baked goods, cake and cookies, cupcakes and brownies. Some who wished to do more also made pledges for certain donations per point that the teams scored.
Over $400 was raised to help the people of Haiti.

Four energetic basketball games filled the Hokanson gym Friday.

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